• Welcome Brawner Readers!

    Brawner Library



    Library hours –


            Students:   8:00 – ll:30                            Faculty/Staff:  7:20 – until the

                                  12:30 – 3:00                                                    lights are out and

                                                                                                             I’ve gone for the day

                                                                                 (Use check-out sheet on counter

                                               after hours)



    Please remember…


    &   Students must have library folder with them to check-out books.


    &   Please remember the limit of 3 students per class when using flex check-out.

      Students must have library lanyard as check-out pass.


    &      Students will need a paper pass for library use other than check-out.


    &   Books are checked-out for a 2-week period.  Books may be returned

      early or renewed for one more 2-week period. 


    &   Students may not check-out library books if they have an overdue book         

           or an unpaid library fine.


    &   Students will be responsible for fines due to damaged or lost books.

      Cost of a lost book varies depending on the book.


    &   Students transferring to Brawner from another school in G.I.S.D. must       

           be clear with previous school library before checking out books at 



    &   There will be a 25¢ fine for replacement of a lost or damaged library 





Last Modified on October 23, 2007