Hood County News Road Scholar Program
Speedy the Roadrunner from Mrs. Luedeker's class


We are excited to announce that The Hood County News is sponsoring the HCN Road Scholar Program.  Speedy is our class roadrunner that may travel with any student that goes out of town.  Whenever you are traveling out of town and want Speedy to come along, just send a note or email cynthia.luedeker@granburyisd.org, and I will send Speedy home with your child.

·       While traveling out of town, take Speedy and have your child pose with the roadrunner for a photo in a location that clearly shows where they are visiting—city limit sign, special city landmark, etc. 

·      You can print out the photo of your child with Speedy and send it to school, or you can just email me the photo.

·       Have your child write a short paragraph about their trip with Speedy in Speedy’s journal-where you went, what you saw, what you and Speedy did, etc.

·      I will send the photo(s) and the story to the Hood County News to be printed in the newspaper.

This is a great learning opportunity for the students by providing a fun way to work on geography and writing skills.  If you have any questions, just let me know.


Speedy's Blog

  • Speedy's Travels

    Posted by CYNTHIA LUEDEKER at 6/14/2013
    Wow! I had so much fun traveling this year with Mrs. Luedeker's third graders. I went to many different places like Hamilton, Arizona, Utah, Corsicana, Grand Prairie, the Fort Worth Rodeo, and I even went on a Caribbean Cruise!! :) The traveling was so exciting, and I can't wait to see where the third graders will take me next year! Have a fantastic summer. Love, SPEEDY
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  • Speedy the Roadrunner

    Posted by Cynthia Luedeker at 7/9/2012
    I am Speedy the Roadrunner, and I am the Hood County News Road Scholar mascot for third graders in Hood County.  I am ready to go traveling with you.  Please let your teacher know you would like to take me on a trip.  Have fun traveling with me! 
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