What is the Go Center anyway?

  1. The GO Center is a space where students can come to plan their futures.  GO Centers are local centers of energy and effort that focus on creating a school wide college going culture and promoting college awareness in the surrounding community.

    Students can use the GO Center too!

    • Explore careers and take a career interest assessment
    • Research and apply for scholarships
    • Register for SAT and ACT tests
    • Complete Financial Aid forms
    • Investigate and explore colleges
    • Apply and complete college applications
  2. Help is available all day for students who need information about college, no matter who they are or what they need. This is a wonderful site to ask someone "in the know" all those questions that you have been worrying about.
   3.  Just click on the "Go Online Live Chat" box, type in your name, and click "Enter" to talk to
       college students who have experienced the application process.
   4. Below is the link to the site:
source: TSU website