May 13, 2010
John Dollins

Seventh and eighth graders from Acton Middle School and Granbury Middle School recently competed in the Quad County Art Show.  The art show was held at Mineral Wells Junior High School on May 7, 2010.


Acton Middle School student John Dollins (pictured above with art teacher Kelly Baker) won Best in Show among seventh graders for his functional pottery project.  First place winners from Granbury were:  Kayla Barrington, 7th grade miscellaneous; Cheyenne Black, 8th grade charcoal; Macenzie Campbell, 7th grade pastel; John Dollins, 7th grade functional clay; Jack Goodman, 7th grade mixed media; Erin Reese, 8th grade pencil and watercolor; Kailee Richt, 7th grade colored pencil; Mikayla Simpson, 7th grade pencil


7th Grade: 


Best in Show:  John Dollins.

Acryclic Paint:  Kellan Jones, fourth.

Charcoal:  Mikayla Simpson, third; Luke Travis, fourth.

Collage:  Nicole Brown, third; Denise Swick, fourth.

Colored Pencil:  Kailee Richt, first; Hannah Winkleman, third; Stephanie Perry, fourth.

Freestanding Sculpture:  Hannah Prewitt, first; Krysta Caudle, second; Brandon Schmidt, fourth.

Functional Clay:  John Dollins, first; Shannah Sullivan, third; Bailey Crain, fifth.

Ink/Marker:  Shannah Sullivan, sixth.

Mixed Media:  Jack Goodman, first; R.J. Vyce, second; Ciera Kade, fourth.

Mosaic:  Hannah Winkleman, fourth; Irma Gonzalez, fifth.

Miscellaneous:  Jose Arredondo, second; Matt McKelvain, third.

Paper Mache:  Shannah Sullivan, second; Krysta Caudle, fifth.

Pastel:  Macenzie Campbell, first; Steven Martinez, fifth.

Pen & Ink:  Luke Travis, second; Macenzie Campbell, fourth.

Pencil:  Mikayla Simpson, first.

Photography:  Mariah Loth, second.

Printmaking:  Sam Spradlin, second; Hannah Phillips, third.

Relief Sculpture:  Sophia Mack, second.

Tempera/Acrylic:  Irma Gonzalez, third.

Textiles:  Caleb Cook, second; Alec Mullen, third.

Watercolor:  Brenda Cortez, second; Kalyn Carpenter, fourth; Jocelyne Espinoza, fourth.


8th Grade:


Acryclic Paint:  Lindsey Holt, fifth; Kaitlyn Black, sixth.

Charcoal:  Cheyenne Black, first; Katie McKamy, second; Marina Stapleton, third; Kaitlyn Black, fifth.

Collage:  Hunter West, sixth.

Colored Pencil:  Mario Tovar, second; Kaitlyn Black, fourth.

Freestanding Sculpture:  Pheebe Price, fourth; Cheyenne Black, fifth.

Mixed Media:  Hunter West, second; Pheebe Price, fifth.

Mosaic:   Jonathan Lambert, fourth.

Miscellaneous:  Kayla Barrington, first.

Paper Mache:  Courtney Turner, fourth; Stephanie Burcham, fifth.

Pastel:  Kaitlyn Black, fifth.

Pencil:  Erin Reese, first; Courtney Phillips, fourth.

Photography:  Lindsey Holt, second.

Printmaking:  Ashlin Weaver, fifth; Hunter West, sixth.

Relief Sculpture:  Cheyenne Black, fourth.

Watercolor:  Erin Reese, first; Kaitlyn Black, fourth.

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