Frequently Asked Questions About Form W-2

  • When should I receive my Form W-2? 

    If you choose to receive a paper version: The Form W-2 is required to be postmarked by January 31 each year and is mailed to the employee’s home address recorded in SKYWARD as of January 7. Forms are printed and mailed on January 31. A request for a duplicate form W-2 will not be fulfilled until after February 11 in order to allow time for the mail to be delivered.
    If you choose to receive electronically: The Form W-2 will be available on or before January 24, approximately one to two weeks before the paper W-2s are mailed. Information about how to provide consent for electronic delivery is sent through email.
    Do I have a choice to receive a paper version or electronic version of my Form W-2?
    Yes. Employees may choose a method for receiving their Form W-2 by completing the Electronic W-2 Disclosure Statement through SKYWARD in Employee Access. Employees have two options to choose from - either to consent to receive an electronic version or to receive a paper version of their Form W-2; for instructions, reference the link W-2 Online vs. Traditional Mailing. Both elections are exactly the same – The electronic version is available for personal printing by the employee at any time after it is posted to Employee Access and the paper version is only mailed one time to the employee’s address on file.
    What if I decide to change my selection?
    If an employee decides to change their selection, they must do so before December 31. This can be accomplished from Employee Access. Select Employee Information, Payroll, W2 Information. Click:  Options for Receiving My W2 Electronically.
    The W-2 option selections are displayed. Select your option. Click save to keep the change.
    How can I get a reprint if I did not consent?
    You can go through SKYWARD Employee Access to retrieve your Form W-2 after it has been posted.
    What is the purpose of the Form W-2?
    IRS form W-2 is an annual Wage and Tax Statement which reports the taxable wage paid to an employee and the associated income and employment taxes withheld from the employee paychecks. There are other types of information that are required to be reported on this form such as tax deferred retirement contributions, before-tax dependent care deduction, and flexible spending. Wages received by a third party for disability will be sent by the third party.
    What if I haven’t received my W-2?
    You can through SKYWARD in Employee Access to retrieve a copy. For instructions please reference the section on Getting Started with Skyward Employee Access.  If after following these directions and you still need help, please contact the payroll office at (817) 408-4025.