• 2012 Granbury ISD District Science Fair
    Elementary Winners

    Best of Show


    Individual Projects (Kindergarten-2nd Grade):  Max McPherson.
    Individual Projects (3rd-5th Grades):  Sean Atchue.
    Individual Projects

    Kindergarten:  Max McPherson, first; Abigail Boyd, second; Sierra Couden, third; Zachary Layland and Allison Elrod, fourth (tie); Jacob Singer, fifth; Aleah Little, honorable mention.

    1st Grade:
     Phillip Bridge, first; Hailey Golen and Adam Bhaloo, second (tie); Emmie Vaughn, third; J.L. Singer, fourth; Gabe Christian, fifth; Caleb Hammond and Averie Coffman, honorable mention (tie).

    2nd Grade: 
    Alexander Mark, first; Kennedy Tackett, second; Ella Ratcliffe, third; Ashley Loveless and Scout Skaggs, fourth (tie); Michael Perriello, fifth; Xander Call, honorable mention.
    3rd Grade:  Alex Oppermann, first; Samira Sabek, second; Wesley Barefoot, third; Cory Lyden, fourth; Tyler Rains, fifth; Ethan Tate, honorable mention.
    4th Grade:  Kyla Shelnutt, first; Michael Quinn, second; Anna Christy, third; Avery McLain, fourth; Ashlynn Webb, fifth; Aly Wallace and Kaylie Webb, honorable mention (tie).
    5th Grade:  Sean Atchue, first; Lyndee Chiles, second; Andrew Walters, third; Maxwell Call, fourth; Cooper Allen, fifth; Caden Ahler, honorable mention.
    Group Projects

    Lakayla Bell and Hannah Cheek, first; Makaul Barbaree and Taylor Hammonds, second; Gage Ashford and Micah Tucker, third; Christian Grant and Jake Johnson, fourth; Carter McKay and Jody Sonderer, fifth; Maikaila Manning and Madison Salazar, honorable mention.


    Kindergarten-2nd Grade: 
     Abigail Boyd.
    3rd-5th Grades:  Bailey Carlton.

    Class Projects

    Kindergarten-2nd Grade: 
     Jan Krause’s second grade class, first; Judi McNeely’s first grade class, second; Sara Galvan’s kindergarten class, third.
    3rd-5th Grades:  Deidre Browder’s third grade class, first; Nancy Comeau and Lori Shupe’s fifth grade classes, second; Jan Bergeman’s fourth grade class, third.