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2022-23 Employee Work Calendars

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Notice for 226 Day and Above Employees

  • Exempt employees who work a 226-day or more work schedule are entitled to non-contract days.  Non-contract days are unpaid vacation days, they are not paid leave days. The total number of non-contract days may vary from year to year depending on the school calendar. Non-contract days may be taken at any time during the calendar year with the employee's immediate supervisor's permission.  Non-contract days must be used by June 30th each year unless written approval is granted by the superintendent to take them at other times. Unused non-contract days do not roll over to the following year and are forfeited upon resignation/retirement or termination.

    Non-exempt employees must take their non-contract days prior to June 30th each year. It is the supervisor's responsibility to ensure that the employee takes all their non-contract days.