• Granbury Independent School District
    Parental Involvement Plan


    Granbury ISD is committed to providing the students of the district with an excellent education using all community resources. The district also strives to utilize any opportunity offered our students to become productive members of society. The district’s parent involvement plan is designed to provide our district parents the knowledge and opportunity to become involved in their student’s education. GISD welcomes and encourages parents’ involvement in this endeavor.

    Parents of students in all grade levels are to be included in a variety of coordinated and comprehensive activities that will encourage parent involvement. The activities will vary according to the grade levels served on each campus, however, the goal at every campus is a high degree of parent involvement which will in turn, bring about higher student achievement.

    Each campus within Granbury ISD will follow the basic guidelines set forth below. For campuses who are being served with Title I funds, these guidelines are mandatory as set forth by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (Elementary and Secondary Education Act).

    ·        Annual meetings and the flexibility in scheduling these meetings

    ·        Involvement of Parents in Planning, Reviewing, and Implementing of Title I Programs (where applicable)

    ·        Information will be disseminated to parents concerning the curriculum and the academic assessments used within GISD and the Title I program (where applicable)

    ·        School-Parent Compacts (where applicable)

    ·        Participation of Parents of Migratory Children, Parents with Disabilities, and Parents of Diverse Cultures


    Annual Meetings 

    All campuses are to convene parent meetings within the first month of the school year. The meetings are scheduled to allow for parent attendance according to their work schedules. Each campus holds a Meet the Teacher Night before or shortly after school begins.

    ·        The elementary campuses hold their meetings the week before school starts. The scheduling of this meeting is set up to accommodate parents’ work schedules. At these meetings the students and parents come to school to locate their classroom, meet the teachers, drop off the student’s school supplies, and become familiar with the campus administration and campus layout.

    ·         The secondary schools hold their Meet the Teacher Nights approximately three weeks into the new school year. At this level the parents and students tour the building and visit the classroom of each of their student’s teachers to become informed about the curriculum being taught as well as each individual teacher’s classroom expectations.

    ·        At the secondary level, the campuses also host an open house/back to school camp type meeting prior to the first day of school. This activity allows the students to pick up class schedules or take care of any unfinished paperwork before classes begin.

    ·        Title I campuses are required to hold parent meetings to inform the parents of the requirements of the federal funding the school receives, the explanation of the school parent involvement plan, the School-Parent Compact required of each Title I school, as well as the expectation of parent involvement at each Title I campus.

    ·        Notification of each of these meetings is disseminated through campus newsletters, notices sent home to parents by their students, district and campus websites. Each type of notification is presented in English and Spanish.

    ·        Throughout the school year each elementary and intermediate campus presents special family oriented nights such as Family Reading Night, Family Math Night, Family Science Night, and Family Game Night. The secondary campuses hold many of the same family night activities but also include Family College Nights. It is at the secondary level that the students are exposed to the different possibilities of post secondary opportunities.

    Parent Involvement in Planning, Review, and Implementation of Title I Programs Including School-Parent Compacts

    Each campus involves parents on its Campus Leadership Team. It is this team that makes campus decisions with the guidance of the campus principal. The Title I campuses distribute the School-Parent Compact at the annual Title I Parent Meeting. The compact is an agreement between the student, the parents, and the school to ensure all three will work together towards a high level of student achievement. It lists the types of activities each party promises do to accomplish this level of achievement. The compact is explained to the parents and in return, the parents are asked to sign the compact to show their commitment to their child’s success in school. The compacts are also discussed with the faculty at faculty meetings.   

    During the spring planning time, the parents involved on the Campus Leadership Teams are consulted regarding the use of the campus allocations of federal and local money. The parents are involved in every aspect of campus plans. They are asked for input in the implementation of the campus plans for its federal funds. The main focus of the committee’s decisions regarding the use of federal funds is whether or not the expenditure of that money will increase student achievement.

    Curriculum and Academic Assessments

    All Granbury ISD campuses disseminate information to its parents concerning the use of academic assessments to guide instruction and achievement of its students. The dissemination of this information can be in the form of a newsletter, notices home to parents, or information posted on the campus website. As required by the NCLB Act of 2001 all Title I campuses are to focus on student achievement. Academic assessments are written to test the students’ learning to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and in preparation for the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness. These documents are created by the district’s curriculum department and are used to guide the instruction in the district.


    Parent Involvement and Participation of Parents of Migratory Students, Parents with Disabilities, and Parents of Diverse Cultures

    Granbury ISD involves its parents through several activities included in its District Improvement Plan. The activities range from increasing the attendance rate by making personal calls to parents of children who are absent to involving parents in the use of data folders in which the students monitor their learning. Parents may also be involved in activities that academically prepare students for life after secondary school and when entering the work force. 

    Granbury ISD has more than 400 limited English proficient students in its schools. When parent meetings are held on campuses, the district interpreters are used to the extent possible in order to achieve communication with parents of diverse cultures.   

    Granbury ISD makes every effort to fulfill the needs of every parent in order to increase the parent’s involvement in its schools. At many of the campuses, childcare is offered during parent meetings in order to allow parents more opportunity to attend and become involved in their child’s education.  

    Posted 7/19/2011