• GT Screening Questions and Answers

    Q:  When are students tested for GT?
    A:  Students are tested for GT in the spring of each school year. 
    Q:  What grades are tested for GT?
    A:  All kindergarten students and third grade students are tested each school year.  In addition if you have a student that is in 1st, 2nd, 4th, or 5th grades you may request that your student be tested for GT. 
    Q:  If my student doesn't qualify for GT in kinder or third grade will they never qualify?
    A:  Not necessarily, that is why you are able to request testing in the other grades to see if the screening results change.
    Q:  If my student is not GT will he/she be able to take pre-ap, ap, or advanced classes in middle school/high school?
    A:  Of course, being GT or not being GT does not keep a student from taking advanced classes in the future.