GT Screening Questions and Answers

    Q: When are students tested for GT?
    A: Students are tested for GT in the spring of each school year.
    **Due to Covid-19 last Spring, GT referrals were not completed.  Students who were on the list for assessment will be screened the first six weeks of the 20-21 school year.  
    Q: What grades are tested for GT?
    A: All kindergarten students and third grade students are tested each school year. In addition if you have a student that is in 1st, 2nd, 4th, or 5th grades you may request that your student be tested for GT.
    Q: If my student doesn't qualify for GT in kinder or third grade will they never qualify?
    A: Not necessarily, that is why you are able to request testing in the other grades to see if the screening results change.
    Q: If my student is not GT will he/she be able to take pre-ap, ap, or advanced classes in middle school/high school?
    A: Of course, being GT or not being GT does not keep a student from taking advanced classes in the future.
    Please email Mrs. Jernigan at jill.jernigan@granburyisd.org to request testing for any student not in kindergarten or 3rd grade.  Requests need to be submitted before Feb. 28th to ensure screening before the end of the school year.