• Sign Up for E-Alertsfor My Webpage

    1. Register at www.granburyisd.org/gms you must check the box at the bottom that says "pleasesend me e-alerts from this site" you must be on the GMS webpage forstep 7.

    2. Sign in to thewebpage

    3. Click on manageaccount settings.

    4. Click on"E-Alert Settings" and put in your mobile phone information

    5. Click on the"subscriptions" tab on the left-hand side

    6. Click "managesubscriptions"

    7. Near the top ofthe page click "other areas of interest"

    8. Click on the dropdown menu that says "all channels" change it to "teachers"

    9. Check the box nextto "Brau, Valerie" and any other teacher's webpages you want tosubscribe to.