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GHS Pirate Band - Itineraries

Travel Procedures

  • Itinerary: I will send out an itinerary for all football/contest travel no later than Tuesday of each week. We will follow this itinerary as closely as possible. Of course, we cannot control the lenght of games, traffic issues, etc. but we will be pretty close each week. Here are a couple of things to note on each week's itineraries. 

    Meal: We will have our meal service at the time listed on the itinerary. This is when our meal deal is served to the students. If you will be brining a meal for your student they must have their meal at the same time as the rest of the ensemble. Meal Deal money, $8, is due by Wednesday each week if you are paying weekly. 

    Departure: it is vital that we leave on time for games and contests. Students must bring all necessary uniform items, water jug, etc. needed at the game, to school with them that day. There will not be time to wait for things to be brought from home prior to our departure for away games. Students need to get in the habit of packing their band bag the night before games and competitions. 

    Leaving the stadium for away games: I will send out a Remind text giving everyone an ETA for getting back to GHS. Parents should be on the Remind in order to receive this type of information each week when we travel. If the game runs long, or we run into a traffic issue I will communicate this through Remind. 

    Arrival at GHS: Please note that our arrival time and dismissal time are different. When we arrive at GHS, ALL band and guard students will assist in unloading instruments and equipment. Once the trailers are unloaded, all students will line up in inspection rows to assure that all equipment has been put away properly, uniforms are hung up and the band hall is ready for rehearsal Monday morning. We will have a few announcements and short conclusion about the evening's performance. Students may not leave until they are dismissed by the directors. We are all tired and want to go home.....we will not keep the kids any longer than necessary to take care of necessary items. 

    Parents picking up students after games: Parents, we ask that you arrive by the dismissal time noted on your itinerary to pick up your student. You really shouldn't need to wait to get a phone call or text from them when we arrive. We ask that you be on time to pick up your student. The directos are in the process of completing a 15-16hr day and we want to go home to our families as well. Please help us by being on time to pick up your student when we arrive from games and contests. If we are going to be delayed, I will communicate through Remind to give you any change of time for student pick up. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated. 

    Parents should remain in the cars for student pick up after games. Parents are not allowed around the semi trailer or equipment trucks unless they are a volunteer working with the band for the evening. Parents are not allowed in the band hall or around the band hall doors after games or performances. When we are unloading and preparing to get the kids home, we are working fast and furious and there are a lot of bodies moving around in a small space, so this is a student only area after games and contests. 

    Please be on Remind to you can receive important travel updates as they happen. 

    Send this message: @98d288   To this number: 81010

Travel Policies

  • Please be sure that you are aware of our travel policies for the season. As we travel across Texas for football games and contest peformances, it is absolutely vital that parents follow the processes listed here, in order to assure the safety of each of our students throughout the season. 

    1. Students will travel to all events as a group on district provided transportation. Only in the event of a schedule conflict with another previously approved school event and with prior parent communication, will students be allowed to be driven to an event. 
    2. For competitions: students are not allowed to leave with parents during the day. Students are to remain with the ensemble until after finals performance and awards retreat is completed. 
    3. Parents are not allowed to enter the band set at away football games for any reason. If you need to speak with your student during the game, please do so at appropriate break times, which is during 3rd quarter. Band students, like football players, cheerleaders and drill team are on a working trip and have a job to do during the game. Parents are welcome to sit near the band at away games, but may not disturb students from being prepared to do their job. 
    4. Parents are not allowed on school buses unless they are a scheduled chaperone for buses for the trip. 
    5. Students are not allowed to roll the bus windows down to speak with friends, family or parents. Students will be instructed to leave the bus if they need to communicate with someone not on the bus. 
    6. Students are allowed to travel home with parents after football games and competitions....students must complete all equipment and loading duties prior to leaving with parents. Parents must sign out students with the bus sponsor prior to leaving. We will hold all buses until we know the whereabouts of every student who is traveling with us. If a students leaves with out signing out with the bus sponsor, this will cause all students to be delayed in departure until the student can be found and accounted for. 
    7. Students will be allowed to travel home with PARENTS ONLY. At no time will students be allowed to travel home with other students from any game or performance.  For the safety of our students, only parents will be allowed to check out students from bus sponsors when we travel. 
    8. Once we have our full compliment of props and contest materials, most students will be responsible for loading and unloading of equipment on the trailers.  
    9. Students riding home with parents must take their instrument, equipment and uniform home with them, except for tubas and percussion. 
    10. Students are expected to represent, GISD, GHS and The Pride of Granbury in the highest possible manner through their actions and behavior while traveling with the band. This includes actions in the stands, during breaks and on the bus. Students who cannot act in a manner that is expected for members of The Pride of Granbury will be removed from the program. When traveling, audiences will forget a performance shortly afterward, but they will always remember students who acted out or who were ill-mannered. Our students will be remembered for the positive way in which they represent our community and program. 
    11. Students are to remain in full uniform until instructed by a director they may do otherwise. If a student is riding home with a parent, they should be in uniform until they have been checked out with their bus sponsor. 
    12. For long distance competitions, students are allowed to remain with parents to stay in hotels once the competition is over. All student checkout procedures must be followed prior to students leaving with parents. 

    Students will be given guidelines to follow at games and competitions with regard to concessions, etc. Students will be allowed to get a snack and drink from the concession stands at away games. They will not be allowed to bring anything other than water into the band set at the completion of our break. 

    For the safety of our students and for the integrity of our program, we ask that all parents and students follow these guidelines with regard to band travel. We are very excited to get the season underway and hope you will plan to join us at all of our performances throughout the season. Of course, should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the band office.