Internet Safety

  • Protecting children should be a big concern for any parent.  The Internet is a great place for a lot of information and can be used in many educational ways.  But parents should regularly monitor what their kids are viewing so that they ensure that the material is safe and appropriate for their age level.
    Granbury ISD is working to provide Internet safety to all of our students.
    We are using curriculum from Common Sense Media to help our kids be “cyber-savvy” and cover a number of topics:  cyberbullying, social networking, showing respect online, effective communication, and college-bound information.  This organization also has materials available for parents to use at home.  Their website is
    For parents, there are three main objectives:  Be aware of what all technology devices can do.  Be aware of what kids are doing.  And be aware of what safety tools are available to protect children on computers, mobile phones, and gaming devices.