• Practice for the girls will be as follows:

    Monday:  Nutcracker Golf Course/Pecan Plantation  ( done by 5:30/6:00)
    Tuesday:  Harbor Lakes Golf Club (done by 5:45/6:15)
    Wednesday:  Range at Harbor Lakes Golf Club or DeCordova Bend Country Club (4:30) 
    Thursday:  DeCordova Bend Estates Par 3 Course or DCBE Big Course (done by 5:30/5:45)
    Friday:   DeCordova Bend Estates Par 3 Course (done by 5:30/5:45)
    ***This schedule is subject to change due to severe weather, tournaments, or any other unforeseen events.  Players are notified in advance of these changes by text (REMIND) or as soon as a change occurs.  It is the players responsibility to communicate with the coach in the event they lose their phone or miss practice.  It is also the players responsibility to call the coach on the days they are absent no later than 8:45 am the morning of their absence. 
    ***All players must come to practice with proper shoes (NO sandals, toms, converse, or sperry's are allowed on the range or during play) and clothing (collared shirts and appropriate length shorts and skorts).  NO jeans are allowed period at Harbor Lakes, NO jeans filled with holes allowed on any course, and NO gym/running shorts. Anyone coming to practice inappropriately dressed will not be allowed on the course or range. Leggings, yoga pants, or tights are allowed only when worn under shorts, skorts, or pants or with prior approval by coaches.
    ***A shuttle bus is available is get players to each practice site, however, parents are responsible for providing the players a ride home.  Please be prompt when picking up your child. Wednesday's ending time is the only day I can give for certain.  On Monday's, Tuesday's, Thursday's, and Friday's my goal is to play nine holes to use for tournament qualification.  This usually takes until 5:30 to 6:15 (these are approximate times) depending on the pace of the players. 
    After season schedule: M-W-F workout at GHS (4:15) ,Tuesday - Harbor Lakes (4:15), Thursday - Par 3 (playing 9).