• 2013 Granbury ISD District History Fair
    January 24, 2013


    "Turning Points in History"
    BEST OF SHOW:  Justin Jackson and Matthew McKelvain (includes $250 scholarship from Granbury Drug)
    Daughters of the American Revolution - Elizabeth Crockett Chapter:  Caitlyn Oxford

    Sons of the American Revolution - Brazos Valley Chapter:  Morgan Young
    Senior Division
    Group Documentary: Daniel Martinez and Lyndsey Price, first; Nicholas Sandlin and Noah Smith, second; Preston Flurkey and Nic Mitchell, third; Addison Winn and Jack Goodman, fourth
    Group Exhibit:  JustinJackson and Matthew McKelvain, first; Bridgette Bean and Madeline Maldonado, second; Kendon Parker and Brandon Rush, third; Hayden Coppenbarger and Luke Travis, fourth
    Group Performance:  Jaden Charbonnet, Chandler Chiappe, Justin Kochis, and Rachael Rodgers, first; Blake Bergeman and Hunter Glenn, second
    Individual Documentary:  Riley Summer, first
    Individual Exhibit:  Jocelyne Espinosa, first; Cole Rezsofi, second; Cheynne Redden, third; Garrett Whitmer, fourth
    Individual Paper:  Andres Florez-Shusher, first; Nikolai Press,second; Paul Beckley, third; Adam Lubbers, fourth
    Individual Website:  Michael Schmelz, first; Joshua Schuessler, second; Robert Norris, third
    Junior Division

    Group Documentary:  Brynn Deger, Ally Krebbs, Alex Myers, Morgan Molder, first

    Group Exhibit:  Robert Faaborg and Payton Freeman, first; Mikkail Bishop, Macey Burch, and Naucita Owens, second; Calvin Titus and Will Warner, third; Tiffany Henney and Paige Klima, fourth
    Group Performance:  Lauren Berry, Lejla Gregory, Taylor Sherrell, and Reagan Wilkinson, first
    Individual Exhibit:  Cooper Ewing Wallace, first; Nicole Futch, second; Cameron Gibson, third; Sierra Mark, fourth
    Individual Documentary:  Bryce Leonard, first
    Individual Paper:  Abbey Higginbotham, first; Yari Press, second; Tyler Pippin, third; Caleb Miller, fourth
    Individual Website:  Jackson Martin, first

    National History Day