• 2013 Granbury ISD District Science Fair
    Elementary Winners


    Best of Show


    Individual Projects (Kindergarten-2nd Grade):  Caleb Hammond
    Individual Projects (3rd-5th Grades):  Mikayla Roach
    Individual Projects

    Kindergarten:  Logan Halsey, first; Kaira Krause, second; Noah Voss, third; Haley VanDalsem, fourth; Cole Bradley, fifth; Gavin Gutierrez, honorable mention

    1st Grade:  Kiera Tate, first; Bethany Decaire, second; Aleah Little, third; Caroline Wallace, fourth; Zach Layland, fifth
    2nd Grade:  Caleb Hammond, first; Brady Pomeroy, second; Abby Manning, third; Phillip Bridge, fourth; Kyleigh Chavez, fifth
    3rd Grade: Alex Call, first;Landon Berry, second; Georgia Myers, third; Ezra Holloway, fourth; Scout Skaggs, fifth
    4th Grade:  Cory Lyden, first; Mason Freeman, second; Izzy Novelli, third; Aliyana Bhaloo, fourth; Jose Oviedo, fifth
    5th Grade:  Mikayla Roach, fifth; Anna Christy, second; Maci Cowan, third; Maci Langston, fourth; Rayli Ruby, fifth
    Group Projects

    Graham Garrison and Brady Willmeth, first; Shaden Medlin and Alex Opperman, second; Jamie Babbe and Emma Grace Brown, third; Cade Barnes and Brett Ross, fourth


    Kindergarten-2nd Grade: 
     Logan Halsey
    3rd-5th Grades:  Laney Whitefield

    Class Projects
    Kim Rains’s fourth grade class at Oak Woods School, first; Sharon Daugherty’s third grade class at Mambrino, second; Nancy Comeau’s fifth grade class at Mambrino, third