• Vision:  All students are equipped with skills to be inspired, contributing citizens excelling in any chosen endeavor within a dynamic global society. 


    We believe students’ futures are impacted by access to and use of opportunities to foster their unique capabilities and interests. 

    We believe partnerships between parents, students, teachers, and the community are vital to the success of our school system. 

    We believe cultivating positive relationships is essential for successful learning. 

    We believe adaptable students who are life-long learners will be empowered to shape their world. 

    We believe providing an optimal environment enables each student to discover his or her full learning potential. 

    Mission: Our mission, in collaboration with unique partnerships, is to provide a rigorous academic curriculum along with enriching and individualized opportunities empowering every student to compete in an ever-changing world. 


    Beginning in 2013-2014, every student will participate in a community service project of their choosing each year.

    By 2016, Granbury ISD will have the technology infrastructure required to provide 100% of our learners access to the technology tools necessary to compete in an ever-changing world.

    All students will plan, monitor, and assess their own individualized academic goals.

    In order to enhance academic rigor, project-based learning will be implemented on all campuses (K-12) to enhance critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication in an optimal environment.


    We will foster an environment where students, their families, staff, and the community provide a unified network of support that integrate positive relationship building and high expectations where every diverse member is valued. 

    • Insert a mobile unit into communities, neighborhoods, local festivals and activities, extracurricular events, and summer programs to promote and provide an outreach for the community
    • Provide a system for district initiatives (trainings, programs, etc.) to establish and expand a culture where kindness and compassion are prevalent among all stakeholders
    • Establish a liaison to bridge community resources to meet the needs of our families
    • Promote and celebrate GISD to encourage participation and buy-in of all our stakeholders by expanding connections and communication with families and our community members and utilizing technology to get the information to the public
    • Implement in-house campus/district opportunities that bring teachers and administrators together to foster professional relationships

    We will implement a rigorous and engaging curriculum that integrates new technology, fosters partnerships, and utilizes innovative instructional strategies in order for every student to attain his or her individual goal.

    • Choose a project based learning model based on its proven efficacy at all levels that fosters GISD common language and dynamic classrooms
    • Implement the chosen project-based learning model by assembling a core group of teachers at each level who will visit successful sites and serve as trainers of teacher
    • Schedule multiple sessions throughout the school calendar for teacher collaboration, planning, and implementation of our rigorous and engaging curriculum, to include but not be limited to technology, project-based learning, and partnership objectives
    • Evaluate the implementation of our chosen project-based learning model through the reflection of all stakeholders

    We will provide an optimal technology infrastructure to support the on-going transformation of programs, services, and tools throughout every facet of the district.

    • Ensure a robust infrastructure able to support a 1:x environment with the ability to grow with increased student needs and technology and the ability to implement ever-changing industry standards
    • Facilitate access to all GISD resources both at and away from school
    • Provide professional development to support all content areas and departments seamlessly incorporating technology
    • Develop a minimum standard of available tools for every classroom
    • Implement technology offerings in courses at all levels in order to equip students to adapt in a technology driven society

    We will commit to evaluate, update, and invest in safe, state-of-the-art facilities providing optimal environments for all current and future programs for students. 

    • Provide safe facilities for all current and future GISD programs (including classrooms, co-curricular, extra-curricular, support services and campus administration)
    • Provide state-of the-art facilities for all current and future GISD programs (including classrooms, co-curricular, extra-curricular, support services and campus administration)
    • Provide state-of-the-art administrative facilities in order to provide support for all current and future GISD programs

    We will provide flexibility within the school day to allow individualized opportunities for students as well as teacher preparation and collaboration to support rigorous academic curriculum.

    • Implement flexible scheduling to provide students opportunities for in depth, rigorous and relevant learning
    • Provide opportunities for teachers to collaborate throughout the school year
    • Establish specific times dedicated for teacher preparation at the end of each grading period
    • Construct a calendar that includes professional development days balanced throughout the school year

    We will provide support and assistance in learning experiences ensuring equitable resources and opportunities for all students and families.


    • Establish and maintain a dynamic centralized database of resources available for our students, families and educators to give them the opportunities for success
    • Designate a person dedicated to the coordination of resources and support between school personnel, the community, students, and their families