Wildlife Management


    Outdoor Adventures is a fun and exciting co-ed physical education course. Students are taught life-long skills by using integrated curriculum of science, math, writing, critical thinking skills, and computer technology.  The focus is on outdoor activities such as: archery, orienteering, survival skills, first aid/CPR, trip planning, angling, tackle crafts, hiking, backpacking, camping, outdoor cooking, conservation/environmental issues and certifications through the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD) and the American Heart Association.

    On campus activities include: archery, angling, CPR/first aid, survival skills, trip planning, tackle crafts,and orienteering.  Off campus activities are listed on a separate page and will be updated periodically.  We will be offering camping, fishing, rope and skills trail courses.


    Granbury High School is very fortunate to be able to offer this course.  The Dallas Ecological Foundation (DEF), the charitable non-profit 504 (c)(3) organization under IRS regulations, proudly sponsors this outdoor adventure program in over 160 public schools.  Their goal is to get the youth, along with a parent, involved in outdoor activities. They are committed to each school having a quality program as well.




    The State of Texas has mandatory hunting and boating laws that require the student to successfully complete a course in these disciplines should they desire to engage in that activity. The fee for Hunter Education is $15.00 and the fee for Boater Education is $20.00.  At present, there is no fee for Angler Education.  The TPWD furnishes the textbooks free of charge.


    As Certified Instructor for the TPWD, the State of Texas gives us the power/authority to deny any student certification if they exhibit a negative attitude.  This policy is well above any local school or school district policies.  Certification is an option due to the small fees. All students whether they choose to become certified or not, will receive the same curriculum.

    At NO time will firearms be at the school.  At school, we do not teach how to load,unload or fire a firearm.  At school, the students will only complete book work, which includes worksheets, quizzes and the state written examination.


    In addition to the certifications from the TPWD, students will also have the opportunity to become certified in CPR through the American Heart Association’s Friends and Family program.  The fee is $25.00.  This certification is also optional.


    As a parent, you have the right to request an alternative assignment for your child concerning any particular unit of instruction.

Last Modified on August 13, 2014