• 2014 Granbury ISD District History Fair
    January 30, 2014


    "Rights and Responsibilities"
    Exhibits (with $250 scholarship from Granbury Drug): Tara Wynne, individual exhibit “Child Labor in U.S. History”
    Performances (with $250 scholarship from Preserve Granbury): Lauren Berry, Lejla Gregory, Taylor Sherrell, and Reagan Wilkinson, group performance “Mystery at River Oaks”
    Technology (with $250 scholarship from Granbury Optimist Club): Bryce Leonard, individual documentary “Blacks’ Right to Vote”
    Revolutionary War Project (with $125 scholarships from Daughters of the American Revolution Elizabeth Crockett Chapter and Sons of the American Revolution Brazos Valley Chapter): Robert Faaborg and Payton Freeman, group exhibit “Savage Truth Impact of the American Revolution on the East Coast”   
    Senior Division


    Group Exhibit: Austin Akerley, Morgan Allen, Kendon Parker, and Savanna Shelnutt, “Western Indians of the Gilded Age,” first; Kelbi Hardin, Avery Railsback, and Jayci Reagan, “Rights on the Field,” second; Garrett Barrow and Christian McClain, “The History of Video Games: Press Start,” third; Baylee Allison and Bailey Occhipinti, “Turn of Women’s Rights,” fourth
    Group Performance: Lauren Berry, Lejla Gregory, Taylor Sherrell, and Reagan Wilkinson, “Mystery at River Oaks,” first
    Group Website: Elaina Berry and Bryten Ottig, “Leonardo da Vinci: Military Precursor,” first; Robert Price, Connor Sager, Bryan Torres, and Ben Tunnell, “American Revolution,” second
    Individual Exhibit: Denise Swick, “The Rights and Reactions of Music after the Cold War,” first
    Individual Paper: Will Brawner, “Trail of Tears,” first; Clay Brawner, “Story of the Donner Party,” second; Brandon Johnson, “Magna Carta,” third


    Junior Division


    Group Documentary: Halee Branum and Bryn Vandemark, “The Unthinkable Friend,” first; Brenden Ellioo, Avery Hale, and Ryan Wann, “The History and Present of Greek Mythology,” second
    Group Exhibit: Robert Faaborg and Payton Freeman, “Savage Truth Impact of the American Revolution on the East Coast,” first; Andrea Rodriguez and Angela Villalobos, “The Rights and Responsibilities of the Defenders of the Alamo,” second; Destini Barksdale and Carina Lopez, “The Triangle Shirt Waste Factory Fire,” third; Maddie Emerson and Tiffany Wynne, “Shakespeare in the Globe Theater,” fourth
    Group Performance: Ashley Boyd and Charlotte Elliott, “Smoking: The Great Debate,” first; Spanky Caruthers, Jake Cheyne, Emily Ellis, Hunter Meroney, and Mia Munoz, “A Fight for Rights,” second; Ashley Herndon, Zoe Mehall, and Arianne Slack, “European Music,” third; Christopher Patten and Ryan Slade, “Except Us, Right?,” fourth
    Group Website: Makaul Barbaree and Jackson Martin, “Struggles in the Workforce,” first; Lauren Boleng, Melanie Boleng, Trisha Gryder, and Raynie Skaggs, “Surviving the Centuries: Egyptian Antiquities Preservation,” second; Whitney Carrol, Jaden Couto, Clayton Kracy, and Kyli Purselley, “The Right to Bear Arms,” third
    Individual Exhibit: Tara Wynne, “Child Labor in U.S. History,” first; Courtney Gilley, “History of Women’s Air Force Service Pilots,” second; Julia Keys, “Rights and Responsibilities of Our National Parks,” third; Callie Anderson, “Muslim Women: How Their Rights in Clothing Have Changed,” fourth
    Individual Documentary: Bryce Leonard, “Blacks’ Right to Vote,” first; Max Holly, “Kevin Durant and the Responsibilities of an Athlete,” second
    Individual Website: Grayson Orcutt, “Johan Pachelbel,” first

    National History Day 2014