GEF Scholar Athlete Program will be continued each year dependent on the availability of funding.
    ELIGIBITY: To be nominated for GEF Scholar Athlete, a student must be:
    • A Granbury High School student athlete in good standing with a team participating in official Granbury ISD athletics
    • Of good moral character and active in community service
    • A senior who will be eligible to graduate in commencement exercises at the end of the school year
    • Have an overall grade point average of 85 or above (including courses from grades 9-11) 


    NOMINATION: Nomination must be by a Granbury High School head coach by the end of the first six weeks of the school year. The nominees must be reviewed and approved by the GHS principal, GHS assistant principal, and GHS counselor.
    SELECTION: A maximum of 24 GEF Scholar Athletes will be approved. A maximum of 3 per athletic team will be approved. Once approved, a student athlete may be removed if he/she (1) does not maintain a sufficient academic record during the senior year or (2) does not participate for the full season of the athletic team. Four alternates will be also be selected to replace any removed student athlete.
    ANNOUNCEMENT: The GISD public information office will publicize the approved slate of GEF Scholar Athletes.
    APPLICATION: All approved GEF Scholar Athletes will be invited to apply for available scholarship(s) using the local scholarship application process utilized by the GHS counseling office. The deadline will be the same as the local scholarship application process.
    SELECTION: A committee process previously determined by the GEF Board of Directors will be utilized using selection criteria agreed upon by GEF and the donor.
    ANNOUNCEMENT: The scholarship winner(s) will be announced at the Senior Awards Night by the GEF president and donor(s). The winner(s) will be publicized by the GISD public information office.
    FINANCING: The scholarship winner(s) will comply with requirements established by GEF for the disbursement of funds. The scholarship will be disbursed over several semesters.
    Recipients must maintain a 3.0 college GPA as well as submit college transcripts and other documentation to receive payments.
    Any student providing a transcript reflecting below the required 3.00 GPA will be placed on a one-semester paid probation period, during which the GPA must be brought back to 3.00, otherwise the scholarship will be forfeited.
    All scholarship disbursements will be paid directly to the college or university. Any special circumstances requiring otherwise will be looked at on a case by case basis and will require board approval.
    Any scholarship not claimed by the recipient within one calendar year of award will be forfeited. By student or parent request, scholarship funds may be held by the foundation up to two years. Special circumstances will be subject to board and donor approval.