Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1)     How do I get on the Granbury ISD approved vendor list?

    The names of the vendors on the Granbury ISD “approved” vendor list are as a result of a bid or proposal process governed by Texas Education Code 44.031.  The vendors responded to a GISD bid or proposal which was accepted by the Board of Trustees.
    To register for the opportunity to submit a bid or proposal, go to
    2)     I did not respond to a Granbury ISD bid or proposal, but I have been awarded a contract through the Buy Board.  Can GISD purchase from my company?
    Granbury ISD has an interlocal agreement with the Buy Board.  Under Texas Education Code 44.031, one of the options available for purchases is an interlocal contract.  If the contract your company was awarded covers a category of goods or services needed by the district, we can piggyback on the Buy Board contract, if the Board of Trustees has approved participation in the interlocal.  However, we must purchase only the goods or services awarded to your company by the Buy Board and we must not be in an exclusive GISD contract for the same goods or services.
    The district belongs to multiple interlocal contracts.  See Doing Business with Granbury ISD for a complete listing.
    3)     How will I be notified if my company has been awarded a bid?
    You will be notified by email or letter if you are awarded a bid or proposal by the Granbury ISD Board of Trustees.
    4)      Will I be able to attend the bid opening?
    Yes, at the designated date and time on a competitive sealed bid, the names of the bidders and the cost will be called.  All interested vendors are invited to attend.  For competitive sealed proposals, as some negotiation is possible that may affect the price, only the name of the bidders/vendors will be identified at the opening date and time.  The monetary amount will not be made public until after the contract has been awarded by the Board of Trustees.
    5)      I have missed the submission deadline, by five minutes; will the district accept my bid?
    No, the district does not accept late submission after the deadline for any reason.  It would be in violation of our local policy.
    6)      Does the district have to accept the lowest bidder?
    No, in determining “best value” for the district, the district is not restricted to considering price alone.  The evaluation criteria identified in Texas Education Code 44.031, along with any additional criteria specifically listed in the bid or proposal documents shall be considered.
    7)      I am a local vendor.  Can the district award to me because I am a local vendor and pay taxes?
    A district may not award a contract solely based on the fact that a bidder is a local resident.  The guidelines for local preference are addressed in Local Government Code 271.9051 and referenced in Texas Education Code 44.031(b) (b-1)