• 2015 Granbury ISD District Science Fair
    Elementary Winners

    Best of Show


    Individual Projects (Kindergarten-2nd Grade):  Jace Coffman
    Individual Projects (3rd-5th Grades):  Jonah Martin
    Individual Projects
    Kindergarten:  Jace Coffman, first; Keegan Vanderpool, second; Andrew Haverlah, third; Carmen Wright, fourth; Tyler Bunting
    1st Grade:  Aiden Windham, first; Grady Molder, second; J.D. Good, third; Katelyn Ferguson, fourth; Nathan Walters, fifth
    2nd Grade: Allyson Dobbs, first; Jadyn Mobley, second; Madeline Atwood, third; Kaira Krause, fourth; Addison Corley, fifth
    3rd Grade: Anthony Mitchell, first; Allison Dafoe, second; Livy McLain, third; Rowdy Russell, fourth; Owen Aramburu, fifth
    4th Grade: Abby Manning, first; Ava Williamson, second; Logan Hall, third; Averie Coffman and Caleb Hammond, fourth (tie); Hannah Humphrey, fifth
    5th Grade: Jonah Martin, first; Scout Skaggs, second; Alex Mark and Emily Pyle, third (tie); Rhiannon Hyatt, fourth; Gavin Sylvester, fifth
    Group Projects

    Kindergarten-2nd Grade:  Addison Shipp and Cooper Shipp, first
    3rd-5th Grades: Corbin King and Austin Morgan, first; Connor Corb and Gavin Logsdon, second; Parker Lutgen and Preston Lutgen, third; Kensington Loving and Anna May Sommerfeld, fourth; Jody Keahey and Morgan Moore, fifth
    Class Projects
    Pam Adams’ first grade class at Roberson, first; Deb Miller’s third grade class at Mambrino, second; Nacole Morgan’s second grade class at Oak Woods School, third