• 2015 Granbury ISD District History Fair
    January 29, 2015

    "Leadership & Legacy in History"
    Exhibits (with $250 scholarship from Granbury Drug): Mason Freeman and Payton Freeman, group exhibit “Eisenhower: Leadership and Legacy of the Longest Day”
    Performances (with $250 scholarship from Preserve Granbury): Samantha Hawley, Ashley Herndon, and Zoe Mehall, group performance “Christian Chain Legacy”
    Technology (with $250 scholarship from Granbury Optimist Club): Keri Kittleson, individual website “Important Women in Early Aviation”
    Senior Division


    Individual Website: Rayni Skaggs, “The 51 Minute Era,” first


    Junior Division
    Group Exhibit: Mason Freeman and Payton Freeman, “Eisenhower: Leadership and Legacy of the Longest Day,” first; Emma Cheyne, Jadee Drum, and Katy Hall, “Adolph Hitler’s Leadership and Legacy,” second; Cade Barnes and Blake Wann, “Nelson Mandela and Apartheid,” third; Whitney Carrol and Kyli Purselley, “Joan of Arc,” fourth
    Group Performance: Samantha Hawley, Ashley Herndon, and Zoe Mehall, group performance “Christian Chain Legacy,” first; Isabel Garcia, Jacyln Mize, Gabriel Nichols, and Alexandria White, “A Day in the Life of Walt Disney,” second
    Individual Exhibit: Jackson Ludwig, “Bill Clinton: Leadership& Legacy,” first; Wesley Barefoot, “Charles Darwin: The Father of Evolution,” second; Tiffany Wynne, “Journey of Nelson Mandela,” third; Madelyn Lane, “Dr. Salk,” fourth
    Individual Documentary: Bryce Leonard, “Abraham Lincoln,” first; Carter Worthington, “Adolf Hitler,” second
    Individual Research Paper: Cole Stephens, “Trajan’s Leadership and Legacy,” first; Maverick Campbell, “Leonides Life and Legacy,” second
    Individual Website: Keri Kittleson, “Important Women in Early Aviation,” first; Anna Christy, “Susan B. Anthony and Jobs for Women,” second; Jade Kisner, “Violet Jessup,” third; Holly Hodges, “The Battle of Fredricksburg,” fourth
    National History Day 2015