Teacher Pledge, Student Responsibilities, Rewards and Consequences

    Please read the information below and accept the challenge I have put before all of us.
    Mrs. "C"
    My Pledge to My Students
    I pledge to help you obtain the best education you are entitled to get. I will encourage you intermittently throughout the year. I will allow logical and natural consequences to happen to each of you every day as you learn your lessons. I will  keep you informed about everything we are doing so you can make arrangements to attend every day that school is in session. I will help you to be successful as you can be in the world in which you live. I will help you try to understand the world in which you live. I will help figure out what you need to do for yourselves so that you may become independent, safe, secure, successful, participating citizens of Granbury or the community in which you choose to live. I will make calls and emails to your parents to let them know how you are doing. I will develop a healthy relationship with you and your family so that when we do have a problem it is easier to carry on discussions with them concerning problems you might be having.  I will make calls to parents and students when you are absent or tardy. I will ensure that you have the opportunity to be an integral and more important part of your education.  I will hold you accountable for your attendance and promptness to classes.

    For your part of the pledge to the ACE Program
    It is ultimately your responsibility to get where you need to be independently of others consistently and in a timely manner. You will not be escorted to everything all the time in life. You must learn that lesson now if you plan to be independent and successful in your adult life.
    You are responsible for having in your possession and on your tables 1)a writing instrument, 2)composition book or other stated materials,  3)you will be seated IN your seat and 4)quite with your bell ringer activity before the second bell rings. (you will be provided with a warning bell. You will watch the clock, listen for the first bell, and monitor your own time.)  In order to help you get your assignments completed and handed in on time, you will always be allowed to complete as many assignments on the computer (as long as we have available computers) as you are able. Some assignments will have accompanying paperwork to hand in or put in your composition book.
    You are also responsible for your speech and your behaviors while you are at GHS or connected functions. You will also be responsible for natural and logical consequences of your speech and behaviors. You are
    expected to exhibit the same behaviors that an employer would expect. When you don't, logical and natural consequences will occur each and every time.

    Classroom Rules
    My classroom rules are simple and easy to follow. Nothing hard or embarrassing to do or remember.
     Life has rules.
    You are expected to learn and play by the rules. 
    You can do or say anything as long as it does not bother anyone else in the world.
    If you are having a problem, you can fix it using any means necessary,
    as long as it does not bother anyone else in the world.
    What I do depends on what you are willing to do.
    Remember I am as much a part of this class as you are. Mrs. Becky and I, as well as everyone else in the school, can be bothered by your behavior just like you can be bothered by other people's behavior. Be respectful of yourself and each other at all times and things will go smoothly. Remember to treat others as you want to be treated; this is the golden rule.
    Rewards and Consequences
    You will be rewarded each day by your grades. Each student will receive a weekly grade. Each student will receive a grade for note taking, activity completion (or in progress), and testing at least once a week.
    If you are tardy or absent (beginning with 2nd tardy or absentee date), you and I will have a discussion about your circumstances and then you must decide what you will do to change the situation. I will call your parents after the 2nd tardy. After the 3rd tardy I will need to write an office referral.
    If you are habitually in trouble and all of our cooperative ideas and efforts fail, I will have to call your parents in order to discover a solution for the situation.
    Come to school ready to work hard, play hard, and laugh a lot!
    Your attendance is state required, personally appreciated, and greatly admired.
Last Modified on August 12, 2022