• 2014-15 Teachers of the Year
      Teachers of the Year
    Chris Elrod, social studies teacher at Acton Middle School, was named Secondary Teacher of the Year.  The Elementary Teacher of the Year was Lori Williams, second grade teacher at Nettie Baccus Elementary School.  Pictured above are (left to right) Granbury ISD superintendent Dr. James Largent, Williams, Elrod, and  Granbury Chamber of Commerce general manager Mary Booth.
    The Granbury Chamber of Commerce, which selected these top two instructors from among all campus Teachers of the Year, provided trophies.
    Campus Teachers of the Year
    Campus Teachers of the Year:  (left to right) Shanna McPherson, Acton Elementary School; Cindy Davis, Mambrino School; Dray Duncan, Brawner Intermediate School; Leska Miller, Oak Woods School; Stephanie Gilley, Roberson Elementary School; Jacqueline Bradshaw, Granbury High School; Jeff Berryman, Granbury Middle School; Ray Butler, Behavior Transition Center; Becky Evart, Crossland Ninth Grade Center; Lori Williams, Baccus Elementary School; Chris Elrod, Acton Middle School