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    Instructor:  Cindy Leatherman                                 Email: cindy.leatherman@granburyisd.org

    Tutorials: Tuesday 4:30-5:30

    Text:  We The People by Ginsberg, Lowi, Weir, Tolbert, Thirteenth Edition;  ISBN # 9780393427035


    COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Presents the origins and development of the U.S. Constitution, structure and powers of the national government including the legislative, executive, and judicial branches, federalism, political participation, the national election process, public policy, civil liberties, and civil rights.  Co-Requisites and Pre-Requisites: TSI Reading

    COURSE LEARNING OBJECTIVES:  Upon completion of the course, students should be able to:

    1. Explain the origin and development of constitutional democracy in the United States.
    2. Demonstrate knowledge of the federal system.
    3. Describe separation of powers and checks and balances in both theory and practice.
    4. Demonstrate knowledge of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of the federal government.
    5. Evaluate the role of public opinion, interest groups, and political parties in the political system.
    6. Analyze the election process.
    7. Describe the rights and responsibilities of citizens
    8. Analyze issues and policies in U.S. politics.


    The last day that a student may drop this class with an undisputed “W” is November 7th.  If you choose to drop this class, it is your responsibility to contact Weatherford College to drop the class. 



    Students in Dual Credit Government will receive two grades.  The high school grade will be made of 60% minor grades and 40% major grades (exams and research paper).  The high school grade will be calculated on a six weeks schedule according to GISD policy.  The college grade will be calculated on a semester schedule in CANVAS.  The college grade is comprised of an average of four exams, an assignment to prepare for the research paper (evaluation of sources, thesis, and outline, works cited page), and the final research paper grade. This must be submitted electronically into Canvas. 



    The grade a student receives for Weatherford College will be calculated by averaging six grades: 4 exam grades, a pre-writing grade, and the final research paper.  Exams may consist of objective as well as a writing (essay) question.  Exams will not be cumulative.  Each exam will test separate material, including the last exam.  The student is testable over all material covered by lecture, supplement, or reading assignment whether the student has been present or absent from class.  Students that register late should be aware that the testable material starts from the first day of lecture – not from the day of registration.  Should you miss an exam, you will be given an opportunity to take a makeup exam that will be different from the exam taken by students on the scheduled exam date.  It would be wise never to miss the regular exam.  The make-up exam must be scheduled with the instructor for before or after school.  Once a date/time for a make-up exam has been set, there will be no making up the make-up exam. 


    The Research Paper will require the student to use only the sources supplied by the instructor.  Students must evaluate those sources following the directions (similar to an annotated bibliography).  Students must also submit a thesis statement, outline, and works cited page as a pre-writing grade.  The final research paper must be submitted through Canvas.  Late research papers will constitute a deduction of 15 points per day and will not be accepted after two days past the due date.  Papers emailed directly to the instructor on the evening the paper is due will not be accepted.  If you cannot upload your paper into the Canvas classroom, you must email the instructor before 5:00 PM on the due date.


    GRADING SCALE:  A  =  90 and above; B  =  80 to 89; C  =  70 to 79; D  =  60 to 69; F  =  59 and below



    QUIZZES:  Class reading will be assigned.  At least two quizzes per week will be given over the reading assignments or over class lectures.  These will count as high school grades (minor grades).  If you are absent for a quiz, you must come to the classroom before 1st period on the next day you arrive to school to take a make-up quiz.  This is the only time you will be allowed to make up a quiz.  Once you have attended a class lecture, you will not be allowed to make-up a reading quiz that you missed previously.  You can, however, take a quiz early if you know you are going to be absent.  At the end of the six weeks, the three lowest quiz grades will be dropped.  If a student misses a quiz for an absence, the zero will be the dropped quiz grade.  If you have a zero period, please visit with me concerning when you will arrive to take the quiz.  If a student is absent for multiple days due to a prolonged illness, an alternate assignment based on the reading (such as turning in reading notes), may be acceptable.  Please email the teacher to make arrangements if necessary.



    Class interruption by cell phones will NOT be tolerated.  The student is expected to attend all classes for the entire length of the class.  Tardy Policy: The first tardy will result in a warning.  The second and following tardies will constitute a parent contact.  A student will receive a disciplinary referral to an assistant principal on his/her third tardy to class. 

    Inclement Weather:  We will follow GISD policy.


    Academic Integrity: Academic integrity is fundamental to the education mission of Weatherford College and the College expects its students to maintain high standards of personal and scholarly conduct.  Academic dishonesty of any kind will not be tolerated.  Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, cheating on an examination or other academic work, plagiarism, collusion, and the abuse of research materials.  There is an absolute zero tolerance on academic dishonesty of any kind.


    Student Intellectual Property Rights: A student shall retain all rights to work created as part of instruction or using College District technology resources.


    Report of Concern: If you have an academic concern with the instructor or the class, talk to your instructor first. If you are not satisfied with that, your next step is to contact the Weatherford College Department Chair or Program Director. He or she will determine the next course of action. If you are still unsatisfied, you may contact the Dean or the Academic Vice-President. All non-academic concerns should go through Student Services.


    ADA Statement:  Any student with a documented disability (e.g. learning, psychiatric, vision, hearing, etc.) may contact the Office of Disabilities located in the Welcome Center, room 121, in the Academic building on the Weatherford College Weatherford Campus to request reasonable accommodations. Phone: 817-598-6350 Office Location: Office Number 125 in the Academic Building Weatherford College 225 College Park Drive Weatherford, TX


    Hope Statement: Any student who faces challenges securing their food or housing and believes this may affect their performance in the course is urged to contact the Office of Student Development and Wellness for support. After business hours you can contact campus police at 817-771-3535.  Furthermore, please notify the professor if you are comfortable in doing so. This will enable them to provide any resources that they may possess.


    The final exam will be on December 6th. 



    I have read and understand the course handout including the attendance and grading policies.  I understand that my grades may be posted on Skyward Family Access and my parents may have access at some time to my grades.  I also understand that my college grades will be on Canvas and that it is my responsibility to log into Canvas to post college assignments and to check my college grade. 

Last Modified on August 17, 2022