Supply List

    Welcome to Dual Credit Government 2305 or Dual Credit US History 1301. 
    To be successful in this class, you must have the following supplies: a textbook that you must purchase, a pen or pencil, and a large spiral or binder with plenty of paper for notes.   
    You will not pass this class if you do not read and take notes on your reading, as well as take lecture notes in class.  You are allowed to bring a laptop computer or tablet to take notes in class. 
    You must access the Weatherford College CANVAS system in this class.  Therefore, you will need a computer device and you must have internet access.  You will be required to turn in assignments to Canvas.  
    TEXTBOOKS for 2022-23 School Year
    Dual-Credit students must purchase their own textbook.  Students will be assigned reading every night with few exceptions.  Students should take notes over the assigned reading to use on the open-note quizzes.  Without a textbook, a student cannot pass the course.  You may travel to Weatherford College to purchase a textbook.  I suggest you try to purchase the textbook online to possibly save money.  You may also choose to rent the textbook or use an online version.  Please do not complain about the price of the textbook -- I have no control over the choice of textbooks for Weatherford College.
    All Social Studies students at Weatherford College must purchase an online textbook with their course registration.  This is "Day One Access".  Do not opt out of this when you register for the class.  All assignments will be through the Canvas system and will use the online textbook resources.







Last Modified on August 5, 2022