• Ms. Latham

    English II


    Classroom Expectations and Procedures


    Welcome to a new school year and to Granbury High School! I am pleased to be a part of the education team at GHS, and I look forward to teaching you. 


    Classroom Expectations:

    1. Be on time. 

    2. Bring your materials every day.  

    3. Act responsibly with work and Covid-19 requirements.

    4. Be respectful to teachers and peers.

    5. Stay on task during the class period. (No heads down)

    6. Participate every day and turn in work.

    7. Cell phones/other personal electronics should be out of sight on most days. You may use the charging station at the back of the room. 


    Classroom Procedures:

    1. Sanitize your hands upon entry to my room.

    2. Food/Drink-Only water is permitted in the room.

    3. Restroom- Obtain permission, fill out a hall pass, go,  and then sanitize hands upon re-entry.

    4. End of class sanitation routine: Use a wipe to clean the Chromebook. Leave the Chromebook open to air dry for the next period. Use a paper towel to clean the table.


    Discipline Policy: 

    1st disruption-verbal warning

    2nd disruption-private discussion in the hallway

    3rd disruption-private discussion and parent contact

    4th disruption-office referral 


    Supplies: spiral or binder, notebook paper, pens, pencils 


    Tardies:  Parent contact for 3rd tardy / office referral for subsequent tardies


     Grading Policy:

    1. Percents--

                Major grades 40%- At least 2 each 6 weeks

                Minor grades 60%- At least 10 each 6 weeks

    2. Correcting Failed Assignments/Tests: Failed assignments or tests may be corrected during morning or afternoon tutorials within a one-week period for a maximum grade of 70.

    3. Google Classroom: I will post all online and paper assignments on Google Classroom.

    4. Make-up work: Students may have the number of days absent plus one day to make up work and tests.

    5. Late work will be accepted on major assignments with a 10-pt. deduction

    6. RC Grade (Reading and Communication)


    2.1A-The student will engage in meaningful, respectful discourse by listening actively, responding appropriately, and adjusting communication to audience and purpose.

    2.1D-The student will participate collaboratively and build on the ideas of others.

    2.3-The student will read independently for a sustained period of time.

    Grade: Each student will receive 2 RC minor grades per six weeks. The student will begin the 3-week period with a 100 but may receive a deduction for failing to master the TEKS stated above.

    To maintain your 100 RC grade, you should--Stay off electronic devices, except when they are required for the lesson, actively read your classroom library book, etc., participate in class discussions in a respectful manner.        


    Tuesday-Thursday Mornings 8:15-8:40

    Afternoons until 5:00 (Later by appointment)


     Please sign and return to class by Friday, Aug. 20th.

    Student's name: _________________________________

    Parent's name:___________________________________          How would you prefer to be contacted? Email:_____________________________________________



    Becky Latham                                                 






Last Modified on August 12, 2021