Classroom Procedures



    When you enter my classroom, please take out your pencil and eraser, grab your sketchbook either out of the class bucket or your backpack and be seated. If there is a drawing on the board, get started on it.  It If I have written "copy this" then you will need to write down the definition or statement that you see on the board.  If I have written a question, you must write the question and then supply your answer.   If there is not a drawing on the board (usually this is due technical difficulties) wait for directions quietly.   During all warm ups, remain quiet because this is the time that I check attendance.   

    We will do all warmups, vocabulary and plans in your sketchbook. You are welcome to keep an additional store bought sketchbook for your own drawings and plans that you complete outside of class, but please always keep one sketchbook in the classroom at all times. 

    Get started on your warm-up immediately.  Always write the date next to that day's activity or points will be taken off.  You will receive a sticker or a stamp next to work that earns a 100. If you do not get a 100, then I will write your grade next to that day's warm-up.



    All backpacks must be in your lockers or in special circumstances, hung up on the wall hooks.  The only thing allowed at your work space is your AVID binder.


    Daily grades will be taken on warm-ups, sketches, plans, and short assignments.  Daily work will count for 65% of your six week's average.

    Major grades will be taken on art projects that take up more than one class period, as well as any tests or quizzes.  Major grades will count for 35% of your six week's average.



    Minor behavior infractions will result in the student signing the behavior log.  Once six or more signatures are accumulated, the student will receive after school detention.  Yellow cards will be issued to students who are not complying with the teacher and causing others to be distracted from their education.  If a yellow card is given, the student will go immediately to the dicipline center and will not return to my class until the next day.  Red cards are issued for major offenses, such as cursing at the teacher, or causing injury to another student, or having posession of a prohibited item.   

    Special incentives for excellent behavior include:  Listening to music on your personal devices, sitting with a friend, working on a special project, a trip to the prize box, time to watch cartoons in class, or time in class to play video or board games.  If there is another type of incentive that you would enjoy, let me know. Incentives are given on Friday's only unless I tell you differently.



    Please always follow directions carefully while in the art room.  This room can be a very dangerous place if you are not mindful.  Art room safety comes first!  Use supplies only as they are intended.

    If you have an accident with art supplies or spill occurs, please notify me immediately.  Accidents will happen and you will not be in any trouble.  I will need to know so that I can take necessary actions for everyone's safety.  

    If a student act in a destructive way with the art supplies, they will be temporarily removed and will fill out a reflection form.  All students will sign a safety contract and must score a 100 on a safety quiz before we use supplies purchased with school district money.



    I will select art from the classroom as well as art that students may find of interest and post thier work on my twitter account @gmspirateart.  Follow our class on twitter for more classroom news and due date reminders.



    You are always welcome to bring your own markers, crayons, colored pencils, water color trays, brushes, paints, etc.  This is not a requirement.  I will have supplies for use in the classroom, but these are community supplies and must be treated with respect so that they will last as long as possible.  Bring a pencil and eraser to class EVERYDAY.  Your sketchbook folders are to stay in class.



    Each day, we will have time to clean up our working areas.  Everyone must participate in cleaning up thier work area.  Table captains will be elected every six weeks.  The table captians are responsible for checking thier row of tables to be sure everythig is put away properly.  This time must go smoothly, so we will usually clean up by rows.  Listen for directions and if you do not have anything to clean up, then please stay in your seat and out of the way of others who are cleaning.  When you finish cleaning your area, please be seated and wait quietly for dismissal.  Table captains will be selected on a rotating basis.  Each captain will have the extra duty of checking that all areas are clean.  The table captains are in charge of thier area of the classroom.  Each class will have a special cleaning duty assigned to them.  For instance--period one might be in charge of organizing supplies for the day while period 9 is in charge of sweeping the floor at the end of the day.  These duties will not take up much time, but must be included so that the room remains in good condition.



    When you need to get up from your seat to get supplies, please raise one finger.  You must get my attention before getting up.  You do not need to tell me what you are going to do--just raise one finger and I will know that it is related to supplies.  Get your supplies, sharpen your pencil, rinse out your paint brush, get a different color--whatever you need to do--do it quickly and return to gour seat.  Do not linger at the supplies area, or at anyone else's work station.  Points will be taken off of your conduct grade and you will not receive an incentive on Fridays.