Child Development  Knowledge and skills related to child growth and development equip individuals to develop positive relationships with children and effective parenting and caregiver skills. Individuals use these skills to promote the well-being and healthy development of children, strengthen families in a culturally diverse society, and pursue careers related to the care and education of children.

    Child Development Course Outline


    Interpersonal Studies - This course is recommended for students in Grades 10-12. 

    One-Half Credit.  One Semester course.

    This course examines how the relationships between individuals and among family members significantly affect the quality of life. Students use knowledge and skills in family studies and human development to enhance personal development, foster quality relationships, promote wellness of family members, manage multiple adult roles, and pursue careers related to counseling and mental health services.

    Students are encouraged to participate in extended learning experiences such as career and technical student organizations and other leadership or extracurricular organizations.


    Education and Training - This course is recommended for students in Grades 11-12. 
    This course centers around instructional practices in Education and Training and is a field-based internship that provides students with background knowledge of child and adolescent development as well as principles of effective teaching and training practices.   Students work under the joint direction and supervision of both a teacher with knowledge of early childhood education and exemplary educators in direct instructional roles with elementary, middle, and high school-aged students.  Students learn to plan and direct individualized instruction and group activities, prepare instructional materials, develop materials for educational environments, assist with record keeping, and complete other responsibilities of teachers, trainers, paraprofessionals, or other educational personnel.

    Human Growth and Development - This course is recommended for students in Grades 10-12.
    Human Growth and Development is an examination of human development across the lifespan with emphasis upon research, theoretical perspective, and common physical, cognitive, emotional , and social development milestones.  This course covers material that is generally taught in postsecondary, one-semester introductory course in developmental psyhology or human development.  This class will explore development from "cradle to grave" to gain understanding of how we develop physically, socially/emotionally, and intellectually throughout the lifetime.
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