Classroom Supplies- All Classes

    All classes will need:
    1 Spiral Notebook
    Pen and Pencil
    This year I am asking for each class member
    bring one item to keep in the classroom.  These
    will be shared among classes. See your class period for the item
    you need to
    Zero & 1st period  -   one pair paper scissors
    2nd period            -   two glue sticks
    3rd 4th & period   -   Color Markers -1 package of 10 count broad tip
    5th period             -  Quest - No supplies required                  
    7th period             - 2 Dry Erase Markers
                                            **Markers will used by students for individual use on 
                                                whiteboards that are provided for each student.



     Instuctional Practices and Practicum will need:

                              REQUIRED MATERIALS:      

    2 - 1” -3 ring binder with pockets and clear front

    -       2 Sets of  8 plastic dividers

    -       25-50 sheet protectors

    -       College Ruled notebook paper (have in class everyday)

    -       Pens and pencils (bring to class everyday)

    -       Markers, colored pencils, glue

    -       Kleenex -optional *

    -       Baby wipes -optional *

    -       Children’s books, poster boards, etc. will be required periodically as announced.

    -       Camera

    -       Jump drive























Last Modified on August 14, 2018