• Classroom Procedures

    Entering the room- Go to assigned seat. Raise hand for permission to move around the room.

    Attendance- Attendance will be taken during the first 5 minutes of class. Read the board for daily objectives during this time.

    Instruction- You will receive directions, requirements and demonstrations for assignments/projects. Daily objectives will discussed briefly.

    Supplies and work- Assignments/Projects will be handed out by selected students. Procedures for gathering supplies for projects will vary depending on the materials needed.

    Studio time- The artistic process requires time to plan, create and problem solve. Work quietly at your desk every day to make the most of the class time.

    Clean up- There will be time at the end of class to clean up your area. Reminders of procedures will be given before clean up time. 

    Dismissal- Students will be dismissed once all clean up procedures have been completed and they are back in their assigned seats. 










Last Modified on August 26, 2018