• How to Use the Golden Rule as a Guide in Your Friendship

    One of the best things about the Golden Rule is that it can change your relationships for the better with a simple change in perspective. To use this rule as a guide for your friendship:

    • Stop before you "blow up" at a friend, and think about what you'd like to have happen if the sides were reversed. Would you like your friend to yell and scream at you online, in an email, or in person? Take a moment to consider that, and it may mean that your response is tempered just enough to allow you both to work through your issues.
    • The same holds true with making appointments, or choosing activities. Would you like to wait for a friend who is late all the time? Who can't meet you halfway? Or who insists on always choosing the activity?
    • When a friend is having a hard time, do you genuinely pray for them and want things to work out? Or do you secretly take pleasure in the fact that they are struggling?
    • Think about the times you're careless with your words or actions when it comes to friendship. Would you like to be treated that way?

    Using the Golden Rule will help you have better friendships, but it must start with you. Change your approach and attitude, and your actions will follow.