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  • Parent/School Compact



    GISD Mission: Our mission, in collaboration with unique partnerships, is to provide a rigorous academic curriculum along with enriching and individualized opportunities empowering every student to compete in an ever-changing world.

    GMS Vision: The vision of Granbury Middle School is to advance students academically, close the achievement gap, and prepare them for post-secondary education and careers.

    GMS Values:  We advocate and affirm individual student needs in a supportive and safe learning environment.  We create a culture where respect, kindness, a sense of responsibility and service to others is highly valued.  GMS staff will make connections, mentor, model, and support all students in their personal and academic growth.

    Each Title 1 school is required to distribute to all parents a School/Parent/Student Compact.  In creating this compact / agreement, we commit to working together in order to create the best learning environment for students, staff, and families. We agree that this responsibility must be shared by everyone.


    School Staff Responsibilities

    • Demonstrate professional behavior and a positive attitude
    • Respect and value the uniqueness of each child and his/her family
    • Assist each child in achieving the essential academic learning requirements
    • Maintain open lines of communication with students and/or parents in various ways - Information will be distributed via Remind 101, Skyward, Facebook, Twitter, email, phone, the school website (www.granburyisd.org/gms), and/or the GMS Resource Page (https://sites.google.com/granburyisd.org/gms)
    • Seek ways to involve parents/guardians in the school program – See our Parent and Family Engagement Plan
    • Support extra curricular/after school events 
    • Partner with parents to build personal responsibility and personal growth
    • Respectfully and accurately inform parents/guardians of their child’s progress
    • Notify parents/guardians of school events in a timely and efficient manner  

    Parent/Guardian/Family Responsibilities

    • See that my child attends school regularly and is on time.  If virtual, see that my child engages in online learning activities and makes progress daily, and shows up to google-meet sessions for help regularly.
    • Encourage my child to show respect to all school personnel
    • Take an active role in my child’s education by attending teacher conferences, looking at and discussing my child’s schoolwork, utilizing internet access of the school website and gradebook, checking my student’s binder/planner regularly, or calling/emailing the teachers 
    • Encourage my child to follow the rules and regulations of the school
    • Encourage my child to read at home and complete all assigned homework
    • Encourage my child to value learning and education
    • Spend time with my child encouraging and discussing post-secondary opportunities such as college, technical school, career pathways
    • Encourage my child to respect and value the uniqueness of each student and his/her family

    Student Responsibilities

    • Attend school regularly and be on time.  If virtual, works on academic progress online daily 
    • Show respect for myself, my school, my peers, school staff, and community
    • I will be accountable for my work and my behavior everyday
    • Work cooperatively with other students and staff
    • Come to school prepared to learn with assignments and supplies
    • Discuss with my parents/guardians what I am learning at school
    • Have a positive attitude toward myself, others, the school, and learning
    • Talk to my teacher if I need help and ask questions. If virtual, attend the google meets session set up for this purpose
    • Attend tutorials as needed to maintain good grades (when permitted due to COVID)
    • Use appropriate language and behavior at school and school events
    • Utilize my binder/planner for organization and communication between home and school