Preliminary Information for Parents

  • Procedures and policies for BTC are quite different from your child’s current campus.  These will be covered in detail at your child’s intake meeting.  The following information is being provided to you in order to make your child’s transition smoother.  You will need to begin making arrangements for transportation and dress code prior to your hearing and intake meeting.  


    Transportation to and from BTC is the responsibility of the student’s parent/guardian.

    2. Parents only may designate who may bring or pick up a student if they are unable to do so.  
    3. Students may not ride with school-aged siblings.  
    4. Students will not be released to leave campus at the end of the day with anyone who is not an approved adult.  Alternate arrangements may be made in case of emergencies, but the parent must contact the campus administrator prior to pick up time to make arrangements.  
    5. Students may not walk to BTC in the mornings.  They must be dropped off by a parent or other approved adult and received by BTC staff.


    General Procedures and Dress Code


    • Shirts will be polo type gray, white or black uniform type only.  A white long-sleeved undershirt may be worn underneath on colder days.  
    • Shirts must be free from any logos or decorations.  
    • All shirts will be tucked in at all times.
    • Belts are solid black or solid brown.  No large buckles, conchos, studs, or brads of any kind.
    • Shirts will cover the entire torso, crown of shoulder, and armpit area.  Form fitting shirts and/or shirts that do not stay tucked are not allowed.  Conversely, shirts that are too large to be tucked in are also prohibited. Shirts should be the correct size for your body type.  Undergarments for female students will be white or skin tone only.
    • Jackets, sweaters, or coats may not be worn.  Students may wear a regular sweatshirt (no pockets, no hoods) gray, white, or black in color.  A few sweatshirts will be available at BTC for day use only.

    Administration reserves the right to determine what is appropriate.


    • All students will wear uniform style khaki (tan) pants.  No low-rise, form-fitting, joggers or cargo type pants will be allowed.  No drawstring or elastic waist pants allowed. If pants are determined to be too tight, student will be asked to change.   
    • Pants will be worn at the waist and will not be overly long.
    • No holes, rips, or tears are permitted.  
    • The bottom of the pant leg must cover the top portion of the shoe.  
    • No shorts, skirts, skorts, dresses, capris, overalls, or suspenders may be worn.

    Administration reserves the right to determine what is appropriate.


    • Tennis shoes with white or black laces are the only acceptable footwear at BTC.  
    • Socks must be worn.


    • Hair must be kept neat, clean, and out of the eyes. Natural colors only.  Administration reserves the right to make the determination of what is acceptable.
      • A plain elastic hair band may be used to pull hair away from the face.  No decorative headbands will be permitted. No clips or metal hair pins allowed. 
    • Male students will be clean shaven.   


    • No visible tattoos are allowed.  Parents are responsible for covering tattoos each day before check in.  
    • No piercings of any kind are allowed.  This includes any kind of clear spacer.   


    • No make-up, cologne, or perfume is permitted.  
    • “Hickies” must be covered before entering the building.  
    • No nail polish.  Artificial nails must be removed.
    • No jewelry of any kind to include watches, rings, necklaces, earrings, ankle bracelets, etc.  Jewelry will be confiscated and returned to the parent the first time. Subsequent infractions will result in confiscation of the item until the student’s time at BTC is concluded.  
    • No head coverings of any type should be brought to BTC.  They will be confiscated.
    • No book bags, purses, or wallets are allowed in the building.  They will be confiscated and returned to parent.
    • Females may bring feminine hygiene products in a labeled Ziploc type bag and turn in to the office.  
    • Students may have no more than $10 in their pocket at BTC.  Amounts over $10 will be confiscated and returned to the parent at the end of the day.  



    Student at BTC may NOT have a cell phone or any other electronic device on them at any time.  These items need to be left at home or in the car at drop off.  Any devices found will be confiscated and held for 24 hours prior to return to parent.  The second time a device is found, it will be held in the BTC safe for the remainder of the student’s placement at BTC.