• Acton Elementary                    Title I Parent Participation Plan                            2015-2016


    Acton Elementary staff members are committed to the following school mission statement:  Acton Elementary in partnership with the community has high expectations and is committed to:
    - reaching hearts
    - building character
    - growing learners
    - embracing families


    To meet this goal and to provide a quality education for every child in our school, we truly believe that a close partnership between home and school is critical.  As a Title I school wide site, we have committed to this partnership.  We recognize the importance and value of working closely with parents as we support all students in meeting the state’s high academic standards.


    The Parent Participation Plan was developed jointly with parents on September 3, 2015 at our Campus Leadership Team Meeting. The plan will be reviewed at the September grade level meetings, with notification of posting sent via principal’s weekly email and posted on the school website.


    Acton Elementary staff believes that improving student academic achievement requires that parents have an understanding of curriculum, academic achievement standards and goals, assessments, district/school policies and procedures, how to monitor their child’s progress and work with educators.  Opportunities for parents to gain a greater understanding of our efforts in these areas will be provided through parent meetings, school/teacher/grade level websites, weekly teacher emails and/or texts, and parent/teacher conferences. Our staff will encourage families to provide input and be involved in helping us meet our goals throughout the school year.


    Parent/Teacher Organization meetings will be utilized to coordinate other parent involvement opportunities.  Meetings will be held throughout the year on the first Tuesday of every month. Principal will send information from meeting through the family weekly email.


    An annual meeting to inform families of the participation of Acton Elementary as a Title I School wide site, the requirements of Title I, and the rights of the parent to be involved, will occur during grade level meetings with parents in September.


    Parents are provided an opportunity to meet with classroom teachers during their conference period and other times that are convenient for parents.  Parents are encouraged to meet with their children’s teachers at any time during the school year.  The Parent/School Compact will be reviewed and distributed to all parents. The Compact outlines and reinforces the shared responsibilities of each party for student success and attainment of district and state student learning goals.


    All parents will be notified of their child’s assessment scores in a timely manner.  Parents will receive information regarding opportunities for additional academic help during the school day, as well as after school and summer programs.  Parents are informed of

    student progress via the report cards and progress reports.  Teachers keep data progress logs on all students in the areas of math, reading, writing and science. Teachers come together during the year for Response to Intervention meetings where the identified student’s progress is discussed.  If it is determined a child has additional needs, the team will make recommendations for how to address those needs. Parent access which will allow parents to review their children’s attendance and grades online is available during the school year. 


    Acton Elementary students will be taught the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) at each grade level.  A variety of curriculum materials will be used to teach the TEKS.


    Information related to Acton Elementary parent programs, meetings and other activities can be found in the school newsletter, principal weekly emails and remind texts and posted on the school website.  Every attempt will be made to clearly communicate information in the parents’ native language.  An annual parent survey solicits feedback from parents to determine how successfully we address the following:  high standards and expectations, effective leadership, staff collaboration and communication, curriculum and instruction, student progress, supportive learning environment and parent/community involvement. 


    Parents are invited and encouraged to get involved at Acton Elementary as volunteers.  All volunteers working with children must pass a background check.  The process is simple and there is no cost to those applying for clearance.  The paperwork can be completed in the school office.  A google form will be sent for parents to sign up for volunteer opportunities. Just a few of the many ways you can get involved include the following:


    Classroom volunteer

    Reading/Math volunteer

    PTO Membership

    Share career experiences with students through Career Day and Enrichment rotations

    Field trip chaperone

    Attend student performances

    Attend grade level parent meetings

    Assist with school and PTO projects

    Volunteer Opportunities in cafeteria and library


    Student safety is always a priority.  The property is completely fenced and the building kept secure by having all entrances locked.  All visitors are required to sign in and wear a name badge.  Parents are asked to provide the office with names and phone numbers of individuals who can serve as emergency contacts in case a parent cannot be reached if a child is ill or needs to go home for any reason.  The child will only be released to a parent or parent-approved emergency contact.  Parents or guardians are the only ones allowed to make changes to the emergency contact list and these changes can only be made in person.  No changes will be allowed over the phone.  Office staff will ask for identification if someone new is picking up a child to verify that person is on the emergency contact list. 


    The Parent Participation Plan was reviewed by Acton Elementary staff and parents on September 3, 2015 and will be in effect for the period of the 2015-2016 school year.  The school will post and distribute via email the Parent Participation Plan to all parents of participating Title I children and make it available to community on or before September 25. 2015.