• AMS Pirate Nation 11-15-19

    Posted by JIMMY DAWSON on 11/15/2019 6:00:00 AM

    AMS Pirate Nation,


    36 students from the AMS Band program competed last week for places in the TMEA Region 30 Middle School All-Region Band.  13 of the band members earned places in one of the bands.  This is our highest total since moving into Region 30 and we couldn’t be more proud of the students.   Congratulations to Mrs. Bosch, Mr. Morgan, and all students who participated and earned All-Region Honors.

    These students will rehearse and perform with the All-Region Bands at Granbury High School on Friday and Saturday, December 6 & 7.


    Abby Boyd


    Cadence Morisette


    Cameron Magat


    Abby Stone


    Ivan Perez


    Anna Sommerfeld


    Zachary Layland

    bass clarinet

    Kate Mauldin


    Ethan Mayes


    Joshua Roath


    Blake Dennis


    Jeff Lenard


    Maren Kesinger




    **Congratulations to Max McPherson for winning the Hood County Veterans Day Essay Contest.   Max received this honor on Monday at the Veterans Day Program at GHS and won a $100 gift certificate.   Congratulations to Max!



    Our Day of Service is set for next Friday, November 22nd.    Today, our students met in their “Day of Service” groups to make their plan of action for next Friday’s event.   Our students will NOT be available in the morning time for checkout from the main office next Friday.   If you have an appointment or plan to pick up your child before 1:00pm, they will be off campus.   Make plans now to adjust appointment times or let us know so we can help ensure where your child may be located.    As always, in an emergency situation, we will help locate and accommodate any parent request.       

    We are excited for our students to go out into the community and serve for the morning.   Below is the schedule for the day that all staff have received.    We hope that it is a valuable experience for all and an enjoyable day as we move into the holiday season. 

    Click here to see the full schedule for our day of service:




    • Did you know that all fall sports made the playoffs with one Cross Country runner making it to state. Building champions here at AMS is paying off for students future!   Congratulations to all former AMS students for representing Granbury ISD.    Keep up the hard work!
    • In 2012, GISD had 6500 students enrolled in our school district. This year, our total enrollment is 7440 students for a 7 year growth of almost 1000 students.  According to Templeton Demographer report last month, GISD is expected to have over 8500 students in 2024.    10 year projections is that GISD will exceed 10,000 students.   With growth comes change, so be ready to be flexible as change is coming.
    • Our school district currently has 3 major projects going on now. New classrooms at Brawner Intermediate to expand from 3rd-5th grades to Kindergarten-5th grade next year.    New gym at Baccus Elementary and Emma Robertson transitioning to an “Early Childhood Center”.  
    • I met last week with all secondary principals and district administrators to begin our scheduling process for 2020-2021. Immediately after the holidays, our 8th grade students will be hearing from GHS counselors, students, and CTE program directors.   Scheduling will begin soon for all, so be ready!



    The AMS Musical is this weekend!   Come support our AMS theater students on Friday or Saturday night at 7pm and on Sunday at 3pm.    You will be so glad you made the effort to come watch this wonderful performance!    Tickets will be $7.00 at the door. 



    This coming Tuesday night at 5:30pm will be our annual AMS Powder Puff Football Game.   We will be on pep rally schedule #2 with a pep rally at 3:35pm-4:15pm.   This event is a fundraiser for our AMS Cheer Program.   Tickets will be sold at the gate for $5.00.   Come enjoy watching the boys cheer and the girls play a flag football game at the AMS Football Stadium.   Go Pirates!


    Thank you for allowing us to educate your child, it’s an honor!



    Jimmy Dawson


    Acton Middle School

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  • AMS Pirate Nation 11-8-19

    Posted by JIMMY DAWSON on 11/8/2019 6:00:00 AM

    AMS Pirate Nation,



    Next week is a busy week with some fun activities and events.    On Tuesday, we will host our annual “Powder Puff” game starting at 5:00pm at the AMS Football Stadium.   Our girls will compete in a flag football game while the boys are the “cheerleaders” for the night.   It’s always a fun event for all.   You can purchase your ticket for $5.00 at the game with ALL proceeds going to the AMS Cheerleaders.    This is their fundraiser for the year, so let’s all go out to support our AMS students and cheerleading program.     Go Pirates!



    Our AMS Theater Students have been working very hard for this year’s musical.   Be sure to mark your calendars for next week to attend one of the performances on Nov. 15-17.     Next Friday & Saturday performances are at 7:00pm while Sundays performance is at 3:00pm.   Tickets sold at the door for $7.00 with all proceeds going to the AMS Theater Department.   Make plans to attend one of the three performances next week!



    Our annual Day of Service is set for Friday, November 22nd.   We will sending all 950 students and 85 staff members to designated locations in and around Granbury to serve for the morning time.    Students will be meeting with their designated groups next week to make a plan of action for where and how they will be serving.   As I met with students last week, I reminded them that our “Day of Service” is not a day to be selfish.    Serving means giving of our time and energy to help someone else in need.    Being selfish is only thinking of ourselves.    So, we are in hopes that students come prepared to serve no matter where their service project is assigned.   


    If you would like to help in anyway on Friday, November 22nd, you are welcome to meet a group at their designated locations.   More information to come.



    Next Tuesday and Friday we will be on Pep Rally Schedule #2 for the day.    Tuesday will be the actual Powder Puff Pep Rally at 3:30pm.    On Friday, November 15th, our Day of Service groups will be meeting at 3:30pm to finalize details and plans for the November 22nd Day of Service.    Your child will know all about where they will be serving and what their service project will be next Friday.   


    Click Here for the Pep Rally Schedule #2:




    Thank you for allowing us to educate your child, it’s an honor!



    Jimmy Dawson


    Acton Middle School

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  • AMS Pirate Nation 11-1-19

    Posted by JIMMY DAWSON on 10/31/2019 6:00:00 AM

    AMS Pirate Nation,


    BIG NEWS:              

    This Saturday, we “fall back one hour” as we end daylight savings time.   One extra hour of sleep this weekend!!        

    Mark your calendars now for the AMS Fall Musical, “In The Woods” on November 15-17,   Shows are set for Friday & Saturday (Nov. 15-16) evening performances at 7:00pm and Sunday (Nov. 17) performance at 3:00pm. 


    Today is our Early Release Day.   Click below to see the schedule for today:



    REMINDER:  Today is our AMS Pirate Party.  Please do not come to AMS to check out your child after 11:20am.   Students will be scattered around the building at their various fun stations, and we do not want to have any parents wait extended amounts of time for us to locate a student.   Of course, if there is ever an emergency we will do all we can to accommodate you and your family.  



    Today, Mr. Dafoe and I have the opportunity to meet with each grade level as a student body.  We will discuss our campus goals for this year, look at last year’s STAAR performance, and look ahead at the semester exam schedule in December.   Did you know that Everman outscored AMS last year on the state accountability system with a high “B”?    Aledo and Stephenville each earned an “A” last year based on their STAAR Score performance.    AMS received a “C” last year, which has spurred us on to take drastic steps to show growth and improvement this next spring.  Therefore, we have started the discussions now for how each student can move forward to ensure they are prepared for the STAAR Exam, high school, and beyond.      Click here to see the student presentation from today’s discussion:




    Starting next school year, students will no longer be allowed to have “Open Enrollment” into Accelerated Math classes.    All students will be evaluated with multiple data points to determine which math course will serve them best.   The five data points will be STAAR Scores, MAP Screener scores, Class Grades, Common Assessments, and Benchmark Exams.     From all these areas of information, we will work with each student to appropriately place them into Algebra I, 7th or 8th Accelerated Math, and or 7th or 8th Math.    The presentation above gives a good visual for what will be presented to students today.    As always, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our counselors if they can help answer any questions about our new math track for 2020.   This information will be discussed in depth in our spring academic advising parent meeting before students register for classes for 2020-2021.  



    This coming Tuesday, November 5th is Election Day.    Election Day is the day set by law for the general elections of public officials. It is statutorily set as "the Tuesday next after the first Monday in the month of November" or "the first Tuesday after November 1".   We can celebrate our civic duty to go to the polls and cast our vote freely.     Take advantage of this wonderful right we have here in the United States of America.


    Thank you for allowing us to educate your child, it’s an honor!



    Jimmy Dawson


    Acton Middle School

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  • AMS Pirate Nation 10-25-19

    Posted by JIMMY DAWSON on 10/25/2019 4:30:00 PM

    AMS Pirate Nation,


    Next week is our last week of the second six weeks.    On Friday, November 1st we will dismiss school at 12:45pm in order to provide teachers time to complete their grades and have some well deserved planning time for the 3rd six weeks.   

    Next Thursday is Halloween.    We do not have dress up days at AMS for Halloween, yet we will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week with designated spirit days.   (See below for more information)



    AMS will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week all next week.    We want to encourage our students to “Say NO to Drugs”.     As educators, we always want to be provided with anonymously tips if you know of anyone who may have or be using drugs of any kind.    We do have rewards provided for tips that can lead to helping intervene with students who may be using any illegal substances.    Thanks for all who pledge to be Drug & Alcohol Free.    

    Dress Up Days for next week:












    AMS Counselors Video with a special guest to kick off Red Ribbon Week.




    AMS will host a Pirate Party next Friday, November 1st for all students who are passing all their core classes.   Each six weeks, we want to reward our students with a couple hours of fun to celebrate the hard work they have accomplished.    Other students who may need additional support will be provided small group interventions to complete any required work and assignments.   



    AMS will be hosting a Book Fair all next week in the library.  (Oct. 28-Nov. 1)  Feel free to come and make any purchases to support our AMS Library and provide your children with books of interest.   The items in our book fair make excellent stocking stuffers, so feel free to come and check it out.  



    Granbury ISD will be providing Flu Shots for students Nov. 5-8 sponsored by Health Heroes Texas.   They will be at AMS on Tuesday, November 5th from 2:00-3:30pm.  If you would like your child to have a Flu Shot, please complete a consent form that is available at www.granburyisd.org/nurses.

    Consent forms are also available in the front office at AMS.   There is No out of pocket expense to students covered by private insurance, Medicaid, or no insurance. 



    Our annual “Can Food Drive” has begun as we prepare for the Thanksgiving time.   The “Family Time” with the most cans brought will be awarded a Pizza Party before Thanksgiving break.   Bring cans and help provide for families in need, plus win a Pizza Party for your class.     Game On!   Tax free donations can also be made online to support this mission at www.livethankfully.org/donate/       Last year, with the community’s support, Live Thankfully donated over 19,000 items of food to Mission Granbury which supplied their food pantry for the entire year.    Way to Go!



    As a district, we are making some changes to our Math Program for next year.   I have met with all 7th grade accelerated math students and they have each been given a letter to bring home to parents.   I know not all items from school always make it home, so please double check your email for the letter that has been sent to all 7th accelerated math families.    A hard copy is provided for you also in the front office, and you can always email me directly if you would like me to send it home.    Please let us know if you have any questions and we will be happy to step through our changes for this year and next year.     Here’s a link to the letter:

    7th Grade Math Update Letter


    Thank you for allowing us to educate your child, it’s an honor! 


    Jimmy Dawson


    Acton Middle School

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    Posted by JIMMY DAWSON on 10/25/2019 1:00:00 AM

    7th Grade Accelerated Math Update

    October 24, 2019

    Dear 7th Grade Accelerated Math Parents,

    At Granbury ISD, we continuously strive to improve the programs we offer our students. The addition of admission prerequisites to Algebra 1 will benefit students by placing students in an appropriate math class that will ensure long-term success.

    Algebra 1 will continue to be offered for students who demonstrate math proficiency at a high level. These students will advance directly from 7th Grade Accelerated Math into Algebra 1. Admission criterion to be considered for acceptance into Algebra 1 include:
    · 7th Grade Accelerated Math course grades
    · MAP Growth scores
    · Math STAAR performance (7th grade)
    · Common Assessments
    · District Benchmarks

    Honors Math is a new course offered for 8th grade students who do not demonstrate Algebra 1 readiness but demonstrate pre-algebra readiness. These students will advance from 7th Grade Accelerated Math into Honors Math next school year.

    This spring, all 7th grade students will register for 8th grade Math. During the summer, an Algebra I Committee will meet to review the admission criterion of each 7th Grade Accelerated Math student in order to determine the most appropriate placement for the 2020-2021 school year. Parents will be informed of the committee’s decision and students’ schedules will be adjusted to the appropriate placement.


    This school year we began using a new calculator called the TI-Nspire CXII.   We know families have purchased the calculators, and we want to encourage you to keep them for next year, high school math, and even for college level math courses.    So, don't be worried that your child will use a different calculator in the future, because this is the new calculator that has been adopted by our school district.   Although, the calculator may not be used on the 7th Grade Math STAAR Exam.  Originally we had in place for 7th Accelerated Math students to take the 8th Grade Math STAAR Exam, yet after much discussion, data review, and other district comparitive analysis, we have made the decision for our students to take the 7th Grade Math STAAR Exam in May.  

    Please contact our campus if you have any questions. Thank you for partnering with us to ensure your student’s continued math success.

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  • AMS Pirate Nation 10-11-19

    Posted by JIMMY DAWSON on 10/11/2019 7:00:00 AM

    AMS Pirate Nation,


    Welcome to our first “Fall Break”.   It’s right on time with some cooler weather, so I hope you get to spend time with your family on this long 4 day weekend with true fall temperatures.   Just a reminder for all we do not have school on Monday or Tuesday of next week.    

    **Did you know that students who read at least 15 minutes a day can increase their ability to be successful on school work and exams.   Be sure to encourage your child to read each and every day. 



    As a staff here at AMS, we have committed together to reach our goal of being an “A” campus.   We feel at this time, many of the quality programs and activities that we have in place are exceptional for students.    Now it is time for us to protect instructional time in the classroom, and push our students to reaching new heights they have not yet reached.   Therefore, we need all students present and focused daily in class as we are in pursuit of reaching the highest level possible through our State Accountability.    The majority of our accountability rating is from the STAAR exam which we will be taking in April and May.    More to come with our Goal of becoming an “A” campus, so thank you for ensuring your child is at school and prepared for class daily.    That’s the first step we can take toward reaching our goal together!      



    We will have picture retakes for any students who missed our picture day and for anyone who would like to just have them retaken on Thursday, Oct. 17th.    That is next Thursday after our fall break. 

    Also, yearbooks are on sale now.   You can purchase them for $30, but the price will increase after January 1st.    Make you purchase now before you forget.   Click this link to order online:   www.balfour.com 



    GISD is requesting that parents take a moment to complete this survey regarding possible after school care for students at the middle schools.  Please take a moment to complete this short survey in order for our school district to make an informed decision on how to help with after school care for our older students.  



    Thank you for allowing us to educate your child, it’s an honor!


    Jimmy Dawson


    Acton Middle School

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  • AMS Pirate Nation 10-4-19

    Posted by JIMMY DAWSON on 10/4/2019 5:00:00 AM

    AMS Pirate Nation,


    Happy Homecoming to all of Granbury ISD.   It’s an exciting day for many, and so we want to cheer on our Pirates to victory tonight at GHS Homecoming Football Game!


    There has been some talk about 8th grade students going to the GHS Homecoming Dance tomorrow night, so please be aware any middle school student will be turned away and not allowed at the high school dance.    Thank you for passing that on to all students and families.



    AMS Counselors' Corner

    6th grade girls groups are meeting weekly to discuss "Salvaging Sisterhood." So far, we have covered the positive/negative aspects of being a girl, positive self-talk, and thoughtfully choosing friendships. Take a moment to expand on our discussions to help foster healthy relationships between your student and her friends.  This week we will be discussing how girls' sarcastic comments often hurt their female peers, the art of thinking before speaking, and the power of positive words. 

    Previous Lessons:

    September 13th lesson -- Team building activities

    September 19th lesson -- a.  How to set a table properly and the difference between a casual and formal place setting.

    1. Table Manners
    2.  How to sort and do laundry

    September 27th lesson -- Coach Pickett discussed PUBERTY.  It was Grreeeaaatt!

    This week's 6th grade boys guidance lessons will be provided by David Gilmer, youth minister for Acton Baptist Church.  He will be discussing how boys should interact appropriately with their female peers.  For example, how punching them is no longer fun or funny.  



    Yearbooks are on sale now!  The 2019-2020 edition of the Acton Middle School Yearbook is just $30.00, and ordering is easy.  Return the order form that your child received in family time OR order online at www.balfour.com.    

    Picture retakes are October 17th.


    Next Friday, Oct. 11th is Early Release at 12:45pm.    Students will have a holiday on Monday and Tuesday, Oct. 14-15.  


    Thank you for allowing us to educate your child, it’s an honor!


    Jimmy Dawson


    Acton Middle School

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  • AMS Pirate Nation 9-27-19

    Posted by JIMMY DAWSON on 9/27/2019 6:00:00 AM

    AMS Pirate Nation,


    This past week, our AMS Advanced Choir’s performed in their first concert of the year.   Fantastic job by our students and directors for helping prepare them.   Next Choir concert is set for December 10th with beginners choir at 6:00pm and advanced choirs at 7:30pm at the Granbury High School Auditorium. 


    Each week our counselors are helping with a lesson for students during “Family Time”.    This week, the counselors lesson was on Learning Styles.    I wanted to give all of you as parents a glimpse of our counselors season one, episode 4 of character lessons and academic support videos which are shared with our students during “Family Time” (Homeroom).   It’s worth a few minutes of your time, but please do not hold this against me.   J


    Watch Me! I'm a Doozy!



    This week, many of our students received a new AMS Pirate 1st Class wristband.    Students who received their wristband now have special privileges to sit outside during lunch, surprise treats at random times, and may eat first in line at lunch on designated days.    The criteria to be a “Pirate 1st Class” member for a six weeks is:  75 average or above in all classes, 3 or fewer absences, and no discipline referrals.   Each six weeks students have the opportunity to meet these goals and be a member of the Pirate 1st Class.   Congratulations to all our 1st six weeks qualifiers!



    Next Tuesday, our 7th grade AVID elective students will be taking their first college visit.   They will have the opportunity to attend Tarleton State University to see what campus life is like at the college level.   Also, there will be some exciting news next month with a special Granbury ISD and Tarleton State University partnership.   Be on the watch for some great opportunities for our students who are attending Granbury ISD and the opportunities they will have with TSU in the future.    More to come later..……..



    Best of luck to all our AMS Cross Country participants who will be competing in the Granbury MS Race for the Loot next Wednesday at 5pm at the disc golf park in downtown Granbury.   Go represent AMS and GISD strong!


    Just a reminder to mark your calendars for “Early Release Day” (12:45pm) on Friday, October 11th.    That will be GISD fall break with Oct. 14-15 as student holidays.   Click below to see the district calendar for the year. 



    Thank you for allowing us to educate your child, it’s an honor!



    Jimmy Dawson


    Acton Middle School

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  • AMS Pirate Nation 9-19-19

    Posted by JIMMY DAWSON on 9/19/2019 6:00:00 AM

    AMS Pirate Nation,


    Tomorrow is the last day of our first six weeks.   We will dismiss school at 12:45pm.   Students who are passing ALL their core classes will attend our First Six Weeks Pirate Party from 11:30am-12:45pm. 


    *****PLEASE DO NOT try to come pick up your child between 11:30am – 12:45pm here at AMS.   Students will be in stations all over the campus, and it is difficult to find students.    Students will be given a menu of events to choose from as a reward for their hard work this first six weeks.    Thank you so much for not coming to withdraw students during the Pirate Party time.  


    Students should NOT bring Binders or Backpacks to school tomorrow.   Students may bring a small bag for lunch.    Sack lunches will be provided if any student would like to eat lunch before leaving for the day.   Click below to see tomorrow’s early release bell schedule:



    Monday is a student holiday with no school.   Teachers will be attending Professional Development all day Monday.     The second six weeks begins Tuesday Sept. 24th. 



    Morning tutoring is an important time for students to have additional intervention and/or support.   Starting Tuesday, Sept. 24th, we will be moving our “Tutoring Check-In” to the cafeteria.     ALL Students who need to go see a teacher is required to check in on the chromebook to document their attendance.    That check in station will move from the front hallway to the cafeteria.    No students will be allowed down the front hallway in the mornings, and must go through the cafeteria to check in for tutoring.   Please remind your child of this new procedure that will begin next Tuesday.   

    Also, remember that students can see any teacher for specific content help.    For example, just because your child’s Math Teacher may not have “tutoring” on a specific morning, they can also see another Math Teacher for support.   Our team of teachers are here to help all students.     I hope this information helps as we are getting deeper into the school year.



    Next Thursday, we will announce one of our student incentives which is called “Pirate 1st Class”.    Each six weeks, students will receive a “AMS Pirate 1st Class” rubber wristband to identify them as a member.    The criteria is for students to have a 75 average or above in all classes, no more than 3 absences, and no discipline referrals from any teacher.     Students will receive small rewards periodically when they have their wristband and will be allowed to eat lunch outside in the courtyard on designated days.     More information will be given to students on the day the wristbands are handed out.    



    On Tuesday, Sept. 24th, we will have our first pep rally of the year.    We will be on “Pep Rally Schedule #1” for the day.    You can click below to see the bell schedule for Tuesday.



    Thank you for allowing us to educate your child, it’s an honor.   



    Jimmy Dawson


    Acton Middle School

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  • AMS Pirate Nation 9-13-19

    Posted by JIMMY DAWSON on 9/13/2019 5:00:00 AM

    AMS Pirate Nation,


    We are already down to our last week of the first six weeks grading period.   Next week students will have exams in each core classroom with each of the assessments online.    Students who are new to AMS will be seeing the majority of our exams online.   The commissioner of education has charged schools with moving to state assessments administered online, so we are very fortunate here in GISD to have the technology infrastructure to support online testing.   Each exam will be material that has been covered within this first six weeks.   Best of luck to all our students as they end out this first grading period.



    Best of luck to our Cross Country Team in their first meet next Wednesday.   Students will leave school just after 2pm to go to Dinosaur Valley Park in Glen Rose for their 4pm meet.    We hope you all do well and represent AMS with excellence!



    The Hood County Substance Abuse Council and TMAD (Teenagers Making A Difference) are sponsoring a “Y Night for Middle School Students” only.   Students may attend the YMCA after hours bash from 6:00pm-8:30pm.    All students MUST have a parent waiver signed in order to be admitted into the YMCA.    Live DJ, Swimming, Basketball, Dodgeball and more tomorrow night at the YMCA.  



    Next Friday, September 20th is our Early Release Day to end our first six weeks.   We will dismiss students at 12:45pm.    The “Pirate Party” will be held for all students who are passing their core classes.   The Pirate Party will begin at 11:30am and conclude at dismissal time.    Students will NOT need to bring their backpacks on the early release day.    We have a shortened schedule for everyone to follow, students may eat lunch or wait to eat after dismissal.   A sack lunch will be provided for students, or students may bring their lunch on this day.   Below is our Early Release Bell Schedule for next Friday:


    Early Release Schedule SEPT. 20:







    8:36-8:51                    1st period- Fire Drill at the end of period

    8:54-9:09                    2nd period 

    9:12-9:27                    3rd period 

    9:30-9:45                    4th period 

    9:48-10:03                  5th period

    10:06-10:21                6th period

    10:24-10:39                7th period

    10:42-10:57                8th period

    11:00-11:30                FAMILY TIME - Students will get their lunch and eat in their FAMILY TIME.  Large Trash Cans will be in the hallways for large bulk trash.

    **Staff who do NOT have a FAMILY TIME, come to cafe for lunch duty


    11:00                           6th graders who need a sack lunch will be called to the cafeteria and return to FAMILY TIME

    11:10                           7th graders who need a sack lunch will be called to the cafeteria and return to  FAMILY TIME

    11:20                           8th graders who need a sack lunch will be called to the cafeteria and return to  FAMILY TIME


    11:30                           The students who are attending the party are released to their waiting area to place bags or any belongings in the gym bleachers. 

    Students MUST have a wristband to attend.


    • Students who are NOT attending the Pirate Party report to assigned classrooms for makeup work.
    • Students in classrooms begin to work on assignments in the classroom.
    • Students NOT attending the Pirate Party will be divided up by core

    classroom teachers with student lists posted for which classroom they're


    11:35-11:55                Station 1

    12:00-12:20                Station 2

    12:25-12:45                Station 3

    12:45                           Student Dismissal Time



    Thank you for allowing us to educate your child, it’s an honor!



    Jimmy Dawson


    Acton Middle School

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