• AMS Pirate Nation 9-19-19

    Posted by JIMMY DAWSON on 9/19/2019 6:00:00 AM

    AMS Pirate Nation,


    Tomorrow is the last day of our first six weeks.   We will dismiss school at 12:45pm.   Students who are passing ALL their core classes will attend our First Six Weeks Pirate Party from 11:30am-12:45pm. 


    *****PLEASE DO NOT try to come pick up your child between 11:30am – 12:45pm here at AMS.   Students will be in stations all over the campus, and it is difficult to find students.    Students will be given a menu of events to choose from as a reward for their hard work this first six weeks.    Thank you so much for not coming to withdraw students during the Pirate Party time.  


    Students should NOT bring Binders or Backpacks to school tomorrow.   Students may bring a small bag for lunch.    Sack lunches will be provided if any student would like to eat lunch before leaving for the day.   Click below to see tomorrow’s early release bell schedule:



    Monday is a student holiday with no school.   Teachers will be attending Professional Development all day Monday.     The second six weeks begins Tuesday Sept. 24th. 



    Morning tutoring is an important time for students to have additional intervention and/or support.   Starting Tuesday, Sept. 24th, we will be moving our “Tutoring Check-In” to the cafeteria.     ALL Students who need to go see a teacher is required to check in on the chromebook to document their attendance.    That check in station will move from the front hallway to the cafeteria.    No students will be allowed down the front hallway in the mornings, and must go through the cafeteria to check in for tutoring.   Please remind your child of this new procedure that will begin next Tuesday.   

    Also, remember that students can see any teacher for specific content help.    For example, just because your child’s Math Teacher may not have “tutoring” on a specific morning, they can also see another Math Teacher for support.   Our team of teachers are here to help all students.     I hope this information helps as we are getting deeper into the school year.



    Next Thursday, we will announce one of our student incentives which is called “Pirate 1st Class”.    Each six weeks, students will receive a “AMS Pirate 1st Class” rubber wristband to identify them as a member.    The criteria is for students to have a 75 average or above in all classes, no more than 3 absences, and no discipline referrals from any teacher.     Students will receive small rewards periodically when they have their wristband and will be allowed to eat lunch outside in the courtyard on designated days.     More information will be given to students on the day the wristbands are handed out.    



    On Tuesday, Sept. 24th, we will have our first pep rally of the year.    We will be on “Pep Rally Schedule #1” for the day.    You can click below to see the bell schedule for Tuesday.



    Thank you for allowing us to educate your child, it’s an honor.   



    Jimmy Dawson


    Acton Middle School

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  • AMS Pirate Nation 9-13-19

    Posted by JIMMY DAWSON on 9/13/2019 5:00:00 AM

    AMS Pirate Nation,


    We are already down to our last week of the first six weeks grading period.   Next week students will have exams in each core classroom with each of the assessments online.    Students who are new to AMS will be seeing the majority of our exams online.   The commissioner of education has charged schools with moving to state assessments administered online, so we are very fortunate here in GISD to have the technology infrastructure to support online testing.   Each exam will be material that has been covered within this first six weeks.   Best of luck to all our students as they end out this first grading period.



    Best of luck to our Cross Country Team in their first meet next Wednesday.   Students will leave school just after 2pm to go to Dinosaur Valley Park in Glen Rose for their 4pm meet.    We hope you all do well and represent AMS with excellence!



    The Hood County Substance Abuse Council and TMAD (Teenagers Making A Difference) are sponsoring a “Y Night for Middle School Students” only.   Students may attend the YMCA after hours bash from 6:00pm-8:30pm.    All students MUST have a parent waiver signed in order to be admitted into the YMCA.    Live DJ, Swimming, Basketball, Dodgeball and more tomorrow night at the YMCA.  



    Next Friday, September 20th is our Early Release Day to end our first six weeks.   We will dismiss students at 12:45pm.    The “Pirate Party” will be held for all students who are passing their core classes.   The Pirate Party will begin at 11:30am and conclude at dismissal time.    Students will NOT need to bring their backpacks on the early release day.    We have a shortened schedule for everyone to follow, students may eat lunch or wait to eat after dismissal.   A sack lunch will be provided for students, or students may bring their lunch on this day.   Below is our Early Release Bell Schedule for next Friday:


    Early Release Schedule SEPT. 20:







    8:36-8:51                    1st period- Fire Drill at the end of period

    8:54-9:09                    2nd period 

    9:12-9:27                    3rd period 

    9:30-9:45                    4th period 

    9:48-10:03                  5th period

    10:06-10:21                6th period

    10:24-10:39                7th period

    10:42-10:57                8th period

    11:00-11:30                FAMILY TIME - Students will get their lunch and eat in their FAMILY TIME.  Large Trash Cans will be in the hallways for large bulk trash.

    **Staff who do NOT have a FAMILY TIME, come to cafe for lunch duty


    11:00                           6th graders who need a sack lunch will be called to the cafeteria and return to FAMILY TIME

    11:10                           7th graders who need a sack lunch will be called to the cafeteria and return to  FAMILY TIME

    11:20                           8th graders who need a sack lunch will be called to the cafeteria and return to  FAMILY TIME


    11:30                           The students who are attending the party are released to their waiting area to place bags or any belongings in the gym bleachers. 

    Students MUST have a wristband to attend.


    • Students who are NOT attending the Pirate Party report to assigned classrooms for makeup work.
    • Students in classrooms begin to work on assignments in the classroom.
    • Students NOT attending the Pirate Party will be divided up by core

    classroom teachers with student lists posted for which classroom they're


    11:35-11:55                Station 1

    12:00-12:20                Station 2

    12:25-12:45                Station 3

    12:45                           Student Dismissal Time



    Thank you for allowing us to educate your child, it’s an honor!



    Jimmy Dawson


    Acton Middle School

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  • AMS Pirate Nation 9-6-19

    Posted by JIMMY DAWSON on 9/6/2019 6:00:00 AM

    AMS Pirate Nation,


    We have finally hit the month of September, and only have two weeks remaining in our first grading period.    Football season has started, girls volleyball games are in full swing, and school pictures have been taken.     School is definitely going strong!      Our AMS Girls will be hosting a volleyball tournament tomorrow here at AMS.   Come support our Lady Pirates this weekend.


    AMS Campus Leadership Team:

    Our first Campus Leadership Team (CLT) meeting will be Monday afternoon at 4:30pm in the lecture hall.    AMS CLT committee is made up of teachers, counselors, administrators, community members, business representatives, and parents.   The goal of the CLT is to meet for the purpose of implementing planning processes and site-based decision making in an advisory role.   The CLT committee is responsible for approving the Performance Objectives specific to academic achievement of students at AMS.  All parents are invited to attend our Campus Leadership Team meetings, so the invitation is open for any and all parents interested in being involved on our committee.    Please feel free to email Mr. Dawson if you are interested in serving. 



    The YMCA is hosting a Y Night for ONLY Middle School Students on Saturday, September 14th from 6:00pm-8:30pm.   Live DJ, Swimming, Basketball, Dodgeball, and many other fun activities for students.   The event is sponsored by the Hood County Substance Abuse Council to bring students together for a safe, yet fun night together.   Mr. Dafoe is our campus sponsor for TMAD (Teens Making A Difference) working with students to foster a positive culture.   The students had the idea to have a “Y Night” and next Saturday night will be their time together.  Great job students who want to make a difference.  All students must have a signed permission form from parents to enter the YMCA.   Signups for the event will begin next week.


    Hispanic Partnership Dinner with Spanish speaking meetings 9/11 & 9/12

    AMS will host our first Hispanic Partnership Dinner of the year this Monday Night at 6:00pm.   This meeting will provide information to parents for Academic Support for students.    We look forward to hosting this dinner for Hispanic Families.    Our students who are in Advanced Placement Spanish Class volunteer as helpers for the dinners.   Great job students and thank you for your service & support.    

    Also, next week, Spanish speaking families are invited to an attend one of two informational meetings to learn more about Granbury ISD and each school.   Mrs. Pat Yelverton, GISD Federal Programs Coordinator, will help facilitate the meeting.    Please pass the word with the following times offered to meet.   [Sept. 11th at 9:00am and Sept. 12th at 6:00pm.]   



    Students and parents who are interested in learning more about the Washington DC trip during spring break are invited to attend the interest meeting Monday, September 9th at 6:00pm at the GISD Administration Building.   This is NOT a school sponsored trip, but organized through the schools by Ms. Stacy Bishop.    This guided trip is taken every other year for students who are interested in visiting our Nation’s Capital and the attractions in Washington DC.   It is very educational and full of fun with Ms. Bishop.  


    Just a reminder, we have early release on September 20th at 12:45pm with no school on Monday, Sept. 23rd for teacher professional development.


    Thank you for allowing us to educate your child, it’s an honor.



    Jimmy Dawson


    Acton Middle School

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  • AMS Pirate Nation 9-2-19

    Posted by JIMMY DAWSON on 9/2/2019 1:00:00 AM

    AMS Pirate Nation,


    Our AMS PTO Color Battle Event was a fun time by all!   It was extremely HOT, but we all survived!   Special “Thank You” to all who participated in the fundraiser.    We had 375 students participate in the Color Battle with over $20,000 raised for AMS students and teachers.    All funds will go directly for Student Incentives and Teacher Appreciation.    Thank you all for supporting AMS!



    Special Thank You to all families who have completed your Residential Verification.    We are 80% complete, and need all families to complete this process for our demographic study that will be held this fall.    GISD is a growing district, and will have a demographer come give recommendations for zoning and future new facilities.    Thank you to all for ensuring this process is complete. 



    AMS Boys Football begin this Tuesday with a combined practice with GMS at the Granbury High School Football Field.    Feel free to come out and watch the boys practice together as Pirates.   The Boys Games are each Tuesday beginning at 5pm.

    AMS Girls Volleyball begin this Thursday evening at Cleburne Wheat.   Their first tournament of the year is coming up this Saturday at AMS and GMS gyms.    The girls play each Thursday evening beginning at 5pm. 



    This coming Friday, September 6th is our AMS Picture Day.   Information for students will be coming home for packages to purchase.   So mark your calendars for next Friday, Sept. 6th as AMS Picture Day.



    Any students interested in traveling to Washington DC for an educational trip, there is a family and student interest meeting next Monday, September 9th at the Administration Building.  This is NOT a GISD or AMS sponsored trip, although Ms. Stacy Bishop (AMS Counselor) organizes the trip for students to have a well-rounded experience at our Nation’s Capital.   This trip is held every other year for any middle school students who would like to attend.   If you would like more information, we encourage you to attend this interest meeting on Sept. 9th at 6:00pm. 


    Thank you for allowing us to educate your child, it’s an honor!



    Jimmy Dawson


    Acton Middle School

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  • AMS Pirate Nation 8-16-19

    Posted by JIMMY DAWSON on 8/16/2019 6:00:00 AM

    AMS Pirate Nation,


    It has been a fantastic first week of school here at AMS.   Special “Thank You” to all our parents for helping make your child’s first week of school a success.   Students are finding their classes in a timely manner, learning our school procedures, reuniting with old friends, and building new relationships.    We are off and running!



    Next Thursday, August 22nd we will have our annual “Parent Connection Night” here at AMS.   This is an opportunity for parents to come to AMS to meet your child’s teachers and receive specific information about each class and program.    The Parent Connection Night begins at 5:30pm with three 25 minute sessions.    Parents can choose which sessions to attend.   

    At 7:00pm, we will have our First 6th Grade Parent Academy in the cafeteria.   Teachers will share more details about how parents can use Skyward Family Access for tracking progress, viewing assignments, and learn more tricks to Skyward.     



    The first week of school is always the most busy time of year with the traffic flow here at AMS.   Continue to be very patient during the student pickup time in the afternoon.    Once our boys and girls begin football and volleyball practice after school next week, you will experience fewer vehicles in the parking lot with traffic flowing smoothly.     Please continue to give our school buses the right of way as they are carrying about 50 or more students home each day.   It has been extremely smooth dismissing 940 students with the parking lot completely cleared out in 15 minutes.    While many may think it is craziness, I have been extremely pleased with the efficiency of our dismissal.   Great job and Thank you!        



    Students have been through the process of setting up their binders.    There is a specific system our teachers are using to help keep students fully organized.   We will be handing out the planners on Tuesday for students to insert into their binders.  We ask that all parents take time each week to check your child’s planner that is in the binder, and view their “week at a glance” in their planner.   All teachers have a “week at a glance” posted in their room for students to know what to expect, what/when assignments are due, and important information to be aware of in each class.   We feel strongly that organization is a lifelong skill that can benefit all of our students.   Thank you for helping encourage your child to stay organized this school year. 



    AMS PTO and our school is partnering together for our first fundraiser of the year.  All funds raised this year will go directly toward Student Incentives and Teacher Appreciation.   Each year our AMS PTO gives out special incentives for students each six weeks for A & A-B Honor Roll.   In addition, AMS PTO funds teacher special luncheons and funds special requests for our campus.    This year, we are partnering with APEX Leadership Company for a fun interactive “Color Battle”.     The fun event is scheduled for the afternoon of August 29th.      Students will receive a “pledge page” with  their own unique code to send to family and friends to receive donations.    Students must earn $30 in donations to be able to participate in the “Color Battle” event on August 29th.    Students will get out of class for the afternoon for this fun field day event out on the football field.    This entire event is optional for students, but we certainly do not want them to miss out on the fun.  


    Thank you for allowing us to educate your child, it’s an honor!



    Jimmy Dawson


    Acton Middle School

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    Posted by JIMMY DAWSON on 8/10/2019 6:00:00 AM





    AMS Believes In:  Positive Contributions | Relationship Building | Safe and Caring Environment | Quality Education for All Students




    AMS Pirate Nation,

    I am sending you today's Pirate Camp Parent Presentation for any families that would like to see the presentation again for clarification or for families that may have missed the meeting today.   

    Also, the link at the bottom of this email is for the Fitness and Wellness Uniforms you can order if you wish for your child.   This is not required, it is simply an option for students.  ​​​​​​​

    The Pirate Camp Presentation is in two separate links.   The first half of the presentation is in this first link below:

    Pirate Camp Parent Presentation #1

    Below is the remainder of the parent presentation.  

    Pirate Camp Parent Presentation #2


    Click Below to access the Fitness & Wellness Uniform Link.    Students are not required to have these specific clothes, and may bring their own shorts and t-shirt for the class.   This is just an option for students.

    Fitness and Wellness Uniform LInk:


    We look forward to seeing you all soon!


    Jimmy Dawson

    Principal - AMS



    Acton Middle School

    1300 James Road | Granbury, Texas 76049 | (817) 408-4800 | www.granburyisd.org/ams

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/actonms 

    Twitter: www.twitter.com/amspirates 

    Remind: text @amspi to 81010

    Skyward Family Access: www.granburyisd.org/familyaccess


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    Posted by JIMMY DAWSON on 7/23/2019 7:00:00 AM

    AMS Pirate Nation,


    We are getting closer and closer to another exciting school year.    Periodically, I will be sending out an email with important information such as school events, activities, announcements, and celebrations.   The main sources of our school to home communication will be email and remind 101.    If you would like to get AMS School Information text messages directly to your smart phones, you can connect to our AMS Pirate Remind 101 account by texting  @amspi  to 81010.       If you already have the Remind 101 App, you can join by using the code @amspi. 

    Below is some very important information that may help as you plan for this school year.  



    One  of the biggest changes this year for parents will be our “Residency Verification Requirement” for all families.     To read more about this district initiative, you can click on this link provided below.   



    All families will be required to show proof of residency with many various documents to choose from .  You can use any of the following documents to verify address and residency in GISD.      Feel free to email one of these documents to our AMS Registrar to fulfill this requirement.    Susan Byerly, AMS Registrar email:   susan.byerly@granburyisd.org

      • current deed, mortgage, monthly mortgage statement, mortgage payment booklet or a residential rental/lease agreement
      • valid, unexpired Texas voter registration card
      • valid, unexpired Texas driver’s license
      • utility statement (including electric, water, natural gas, satellite TV, cable TV, internet bill, or phone bill) dated within 90 days of the date of application
      • current homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy or billing statement
      • current automobile insurance card
      • preprinted paycheck or payment stub dated within 90 days of the date of application
      • Texas concealed handgun license

    The district may collect address and residency documentation annually.




    If you would like to see the full School Supply List, you can simply click this link below.    I hope this will help you as you purchase supplies for this school year.




    The online registration through skyward will be open soon.   All parents will need to login to skyward to complete the registration process for each child in the household.    This process helps each family update all student and family information in skyward.   If you do not have access to online, you may come to AMS during 6th grade Pirate Camp or 7th & 8th grade Schedule Pickup to use a computer to login.   Be watching your email to be notified when the registration process is open to update information. 



    August 8th from 9am-11am will be our annual 6th Grade Pirate Camp here at AMS. 

    • Students come to tour the school, receive their schedule, meet their teachers, and complete an orientation for being prepared for middle school.
    • Parents will have a separate orientation in the main gym by our Instructional Specialist and myself.  Plan on about one hour and remember to bring any of the documents to verify current residency. 
    • Students will be available after 11am to give their parents a tour of their schedule.



    August 8th from 3pm-6pm any 7th and 8th grade student may come to AMS to pick up their schedule.    Parents may come to gather information about AMS, verify residence, complete registration process, and walk the building with your child.    



    Students who will be in Fitness & Wellness class may order their gym clothes online.   Use the link below to view the clothes options available.    If you have any questions feel free to email Sherri Nichols or Michael Pickett.




    We look forward to serving you and your family this upcoming school year.  



    Jimmy Dawson


    Acton Middle School

    1300 James Road

    Granbury, Texas  76049

    (817) 408-4800

    (817) 408-4849 Fax




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  • Parent Calculator Notification

    Posted by JIMMY DAWSON on 6/12/2019 6:00:00 AM


    You are receiving this communication, because your child is possibly scheduled to be in either 7th grade accelerated math, 8th grade math,  or 8th grade Algebra 1 during the upcoming year.  One valuable tool that students will have available to them is the graphing calculator, and this year our district has chosen to move from the TI-84 Plus to a new calculator - the "TI-Nspire CX II".    Each student will have access to this calculator in the classroom for instruction.   It will be the calculator that will be used on the STAAR test at the end of the year. 

    We realize that some of you prefer to purchase a calculator for your child to have as his/her own, so we are including information on the new calculator.  Please note that there are two models of the TI-Nspire CX II - you need to purchase the model that is NOT the CAS version.  The CAS version will NOT be allowed for testing.

    We hope this information is helpful as you plan for next year.  If you have specific questions, please simply email our AMS Math Department Head, Natalia Argueta or our GISD District Math Coordinator, Rebecca Strain.  

    Thank you so much!


    Jimmy Dawson

    Principal - AMS


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  • AMS Pirate Nation 5-17-19

    Posted by JIMMY DAWSON on 5/17/2019 1:00:00 AM

    AMS Pirate Nation,



    AMS Student Council received the highest honor possible from the Texas Association of Student Councils, “Sweepstakes Council”, for achieving awards in five categories.   The five categories are Pride and Patriotism, Energy  and Environment, Drugs Alcohol Safety Health (DASH), Community Service, and Outstanding Student Council.  High points in each of these categories combine to make the Sweepstakes Award.   Fewer than 20% of TASC member schools are recognized in one or more areas, so this is quite an accomplishment.   This award includes a blue ribbon, a plaque, and five certificates of merit.   We are very proud to receive this award two years running.   Thanks for always supporting Student Council, and congratulations to our AMS Sponsors, Mrs. Carrie Jones & Mrs. Atyka Ditto.



    All Library Materials are DUE today to the library.   If you know of any books, equipment, or supplies that may need returned, please have your child return those as soon as possible.   



    5-20-19         6th Grade Field Day / Last Normal Bell Schedule Day

    5-21-19         Pep Rally Bell Schedule / Volunteer Breakfast at 8am / Yearbook Signing Party last 45 minutes of the day

    5-22-19         AMS Rachel’s Challenge Day / EARLY DISMISSAL AT 12:45PM

    **** On Wednesday, students will not need to bring Bags, Binders, or Backpacks to school.   It will be a fun day for our students and staff.   We will have a “bag / backpack check” at each door to ensure students do not bring unnecessary items for the last day of school.   

    **** On Wednesday Rachel’s Challenge Day, Normal Dress Code will be enforced.   Thank you for helping ensure your child is dressed appropriately for this fun filled day on our last day of school.   Thank you for helping us in this endeavor to provide a safe environment for all on our last day of school. 

    Students may bring a sack lunch on our Early Release day, just no bags or backpacks.

    NOTE:   Students will be in groups scattered all over the campus on Wednesday, so please do not check out your child from school unless absolutely necessary.   If you do come to AMS to pick up your child during Rachel’s Challenge Day, it will take time to locate them and get them to the front.    We highly advise to let them complete the day in order to minimize confusion in having to track students down.    We will be able to help in cases of emergency if needed. 


    AMS Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast - May 21st

    We want to extend our thanks and gratitude to every parent or family member who volunteered for our various activities throughout this 2018-2019 school year.  Your support and time given is integral to AMS and we appreciate everything you do for the teachers and students.  Please don't forget to attend the AMS Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast at 8:00 AM on Tuesday May 21st  in the Library.  It is not a formal event but just a way to say THANK YOU for your service to the school.  If you supported the students, teachers or school in any way please come and have coffee, juice and a breakfast snack so the students and staff can say thanks and show their appreciation!



    Please make sure you pick up any medication from the nurses office before the last day of school.    ALL unclaimed medications and medical supplies will be properly disposed of this summer. 


    It has been a pleasure serving you & your family this school year.   Thank you for allowing us to educate your child, it’s an honor.   



    Jimmy Dawson


    Acton Middle School

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  • AMS Pirate Nation 5-10-19

    Posted by JIMMY DAWSON on 5/10/2019 6:00:00 AM

    AMS Pirate Nation,



    Next week is our BIG WEEK of STAAR Testing.   Monday is 6th & 7th Math, Tuesday is 6th & 7th Reading, Wednesday is 8th Science, & Thursday is 8th Social Studies.   Each day next week will also be make up exams for previous STAAR exams and those missed during the week. 



    Please make sure your child has a good night’s rest each evening, a solid breakfast, and is mentally / emotionally prepared for a long morning of testing each day.     FREE breakfast for students testing will be provided each morning in the cafeteria for any students who would like to eat here at AMS. 

    **Please do not allow your child to wear pajamas, bring pillows or blankets, or bring outside food/drink into the testing room.   Normal dress code will be enforced with our AMS PTO providing plenty of snacks for each testing day. 



    You should have already received an email from Granbury ISD about our Address and Residency Verification.    ACTION IS REQUIRED for all of us as parents, so please take time to read the information.   All families to GISD are required to submit the proper documentation as we prepare for a full demographic study next fall.   This will be helpful as our school district plans for future changes that must be taken as we continue to grow.   Please call our registrar here at AMS if you have specific questions that we can help resolve.



    This is my 25th year in education, 19th year as a principal, and 15th year as a middle school principal.   I have had many school days that have been special, but this Thursday will possibly go down as one of the more special days.   Yesterday, I turned 50 years old (I know, I don’t look like I’m 50!  J ).      I knew our staff would probably dress in black with some fun activities, which they executed very well, even with my office covered in black.    But, what got me was when I walked out to the morning waiting areas of students all dressed in “black” took me by complete surprise.    My heart was full with so many wonderful birthday wishes from so many awesome students.    Too often we walk (or run) through life without slowing down to embrace the wonderful moments life brings to us.   Thursday was that day for me.   My computer was wrapped with black construction paper, and my office was filled with items that kept me from being “productive administratively”.   But, what I did accomplish was visiting with many students who brought gifts, gave me high fives or hugs, and just went out of their way to say, “Happy Birthday Mr. Dawson”.    I want to encourage each of you to wrap up your cell phone, put it to the side, and go do something special with your kids.    They are too valuable to let life pass us by, so make a point to be intentional to embrace the moments like I got to do this week.    Thanks to all for helping make my 50th be one I will never forget.    Now, ….. back to work and remind your child to do well on this STAAR Exam coming up next week!    


    Thank you for allowing us to educate your child, it truly is an honor!



    Jimmy Dawson


    Acton Middle School

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