• Parent Calculator Notification

    Posted by JIMMY DAWSON on 6/12/2019 6:00:00 AM


    You are receiving this communication, because your child is possibly scheduled to be in either 7th grade accelerated math, 8th grade math,  or 8th grade Algebra 1 during the upcoming year.  One valuable tool that students will have available to them is the graphing calculator, and this year our district has chosen to move from the TI-84 Plus to a new calculator - the "TI-Nspire CX II".    Each student will have access to this calculator in the classroom for instruction.   It will be the calculator that will be used on the STAAR test at the end of the year. 

    We realize that some of you prefer to purchase a calculator for your child to have as his/her own, so we are including information on the new calculator.  Please note that there are two models of the TI-Nspire CX II - you need to purchase the model that is NOT the CAS version.  The CAS version will NOT be allowed for testing.

    We hope this information is helpful as you plan for next year.  If you have specific questions, please simply email our AMS Math Department Head, Natalia Argueta or our GISD District Math Coordinator, Rebecca Strain.  

    Thank you so much!


    Jimmy Dawson

    Principal - AMS


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  • AMS Pirate Nation 5-17-19

    Posted by JIMMY DAWSON on 5/17/2019 1:00:00 AM

    AMS Pirate Nation,



    AMS Student Council received the highest honor possible from the Texas Association of Student Councils, “Sweepstakes Council”, for achieving awards in five categories.   The five categories are Pride and Patriotism, Energy  and Environment, Drugs Alcohol Safety Health (DASH), Community Service, and Outstanding Student Council.  High points in each of these categories combine to make the Sweepstakes Award.   Fewer than 20% of TASC member schools are recognized in one or more areas, so this is quite an accomplishment.   This award includes a blue ribbon, a plaque, and five certificates of merit.   We are very proud to receive this award two years running.   Thanks for always supporting Student Council, and congratulations to our AMS Sponsors, Mrs. Carrie Jones & Mrs. Atyka Ditto.



    All Library Materials are DUE today to the library.   If you know of any books, equipment, or supplies that may need returned, please have your child return those as soon as possible.   



    5-20-19         6th Grade Field Day / Last Normal Bell Schedule Day

    5-21-19         Pep Rally Bell Schedule / Volunteer Breakfast at 8am / Yearbook Signing Party last 45 minutes of the day

    5-22-19         AMS Rachel’s Challenge Day / EARLY DISMISSAL AT 12:45PM

    **** On Wednesday, students will not need to bring Bags, Binders, or Backpacks to school.   It will be a fun day for our students and staff.   We will have a “bag / backpack check” at each door to ensure students do not bring unnecessary items for the last day of school.   

    **** On Wednesday Rachel’s Challenge Day, Normal Dress Code will be enforced.   Thank you for helping ensure your child is dressed appropriately for this fun filled day on our last day of school.   Thank you for helping us in this endeavor to provide a safe environment for all on our last day of school. 

    Students may bring a sack lunch on our Early Release day, just no bags or backpacks.

    NOTE:   Students will be in groups scattered all over the campus on Wednesday, so please do not check out your child from school unless absolutely necessary.   If you do come to AMS to pick up your child during Rachel’s Challenge Day, it will take time to locate them and get them to the front.    We highly advise to let them complete the day in order to minimize confusion in having to track students down.    We will be able to help in cases of emergency if needed. 


    AMS Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast - May 21st

    We want to extend our thanks and gratitude to every parent or family member who volunteered for our various activities throughout this 2018-2019 school year.  Your support and time given is integral to AMS and we appreciate everything you do for the teachers and students.  Please don't forget to attend the AMS Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast at 8:00 AM on Tuesday May 21st  in the Library.  It is not a formal event but just a way to say THANK YOU for your service to the school.  If you supported the students, teachers or school in any way please come and have coffee, juice and a breakfast snack so the students and staff can say thanks and show their appreciation!



    Please make sure you pick up any medication from the nurses office before the last day of school.    ALL unclaimed medications and medical supplies will be properly disposed of this summer. 


    It has been a pleasure serving you & your family this school year.   Thank you for allowing us to educate your child, it’s an honor.   



    Jimmy Dawson


    Acton Middle School

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  • AMS Pirate Nation 5-10-19

    Posted by JIMMY DAWSON on 5/10/2019 6:00:00 AM

    AMS Pirate Nation,



    Next week is our BIG WEEK of STAAR Testing.   Monday is 6th & 7th Math, Tuesday is 6th & 7th Reading, Wednesday is 8th Science, & Thursday is 8th Social Studies.   Each day next week will also be make up exams for previous STAAR exams and those missed during the week. 



    Please make sure your child has a good night’s rest each evening, a solid breakfast, and is mentally / emotionally prepared for a long morning of testing each day.     FREE breakfast for students testing will be provided each morning in the cafeteria for any students who would like to eat here at AMS. 

    **Please do not allow your child to wear pajamas, bring pillows or blankets, or bring outside food/drink into the testing room.   Normal dress code will be enforced with our AMS PTO providing plenty of snacks for each testing day. 



    You should have already received an email from Granbury ISD about our Address and Residency Verification.    ACTION IS REQUIRED for all of us as parents, so please take time to read the information.   All families to GISD are required to submit the proper documentation as we prepare for a full demographic study next fall.   This will be helpful as our school district plans for future changes that must be taken as we continue to grow.   Please call our registrar here at AMS if you have specific questions that we can help resolve.



    This is my 25th year in education, 19th year as a principal, and 15th year as a middle school principal.   I have had many school days that have been special, but this Thursday will possibly go down as one of the more special days.   Yesterday, I turned 50 years old (I know, I don’t look like I’m 50!  J ).      I knew our staff would probably dress in black with some fun activities, which they executed very well, even with my office covered in black.    But, what got me was when I walked out to the morning waiting areas of students all dressed in “black” took me by complete surprise.    My heart was full with so many wonderful birthday wishes from so many awesome students.    Too often we walk (or run) through life without slowing down to embrace the wonderful moments life brings to us.   Thursday was that day for me.   My computer was wrapped with black construction paper, and my office was filled with items that kept me from being “productive administratively”.   But, what I did accomplish was visiting with many students who brought gifts, gave me high fives or hugs, and just went out of their way to say, “Happy Birthday Mr. Dawson”.    I want to encourage each of you to wrap up your cell phone, put it to the side, and go do something special with your kids.    They are too valuable to let life pass us by, so make a point to be intentional to embrace the moments like I got to do this week.    Thanks to all for helping make my 50th be one I will never forget.    Now, ….. back to work and remind your child to do well on this STAAR Exam coming up next week!    


    Thank you for allowing us to educate your child, it truly is an honor!



    Jimmy Dawson


    Acton Middle School

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  • AMS Pirate Nation 4-26-19

    Posted by JIMMY DAWSON on 4/25/2019 6:00:00 AM

    AMS Pirate Nation,


    UIL One Act Play took First Place:

    Huge Shout Out to our AMS One Act Play cast & crew who took FIRST place last Thursday at UIL competition.    Honorable Mention for Liz Heil, All Star Cast for Sykora Hatten & Lou Whiting, Best Actor to William Power, and Best Technician to Bleu Slater!    Excellent job to all for an outstanding performance!   They cleaned house at UIL OAP Competition. 



    Tickets have been on sale this week for our AMS PTO Spring Dance this Friday afternoon from 4:15pm-6:15pm.   Students may purchase tickets during lunches if they want to be released from class early on Friday.   Tickets will be on sale Friday during lunch if students are interested in purchasing their ticket.

    **Parents who want to come to the dance to pick up your child must go through the front office as normal to check in, and be released to the dance area.   We look forward to a big turnout this Friday afternoon for our end of year spring dance and fun at AMS. 


    IMMUNIZATION CLINIC AT AMS MAY 2ND, 1PM-5PM (same time as Athletic Physicals)

    Don’t wait to Vaccinate!    On May 2nd, AMS will have an immunization clinic for any student who needs to update their shots for next year.  Please complete the required form from the link below and return it to the school nurse.  The nurse will attach a copy of your student’s immunization record to the required form.  




    Please mark your calendars for May 13-16 that AMS Students will be testing that week.   It will be important that students are present at school (pending unforeseen circumstances) during those days to ensure they complete their required exams.  This year marks the first year of our new state accountability system for each campus which will receive a letter grade based on student performance.   Therefore, we want our students to perform well during that week.   Thanks for helping and supporting our students during testing week. 



    Be sure to mark your calendars for May 2nd to go to “Taste & See” off the square.   A portion of the sales that evening will be donated to our AMS PTO.   Hope to see you there!


    Thank you for allowing us to educate your child, it’s an honor!



    Jimmy Dawson


    Acton Middle School

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  • AMS Pirate Nation 4-17-19

    Posted by JIMMY DAWSON on 4/17/2019 6:00:00 AM

    AMS Pirate Nation,



    The Boys Coaching Staff would like to invite all incoming 7th grade parents to their first parent meeting on Thursday, April 25th at 6:00pm in the AMS Cafeteria.   Your child is not required to attend.    We hope to see you at this meeting in order to provide everyone with important details for next school year.



    The course selection sheets for next year’s course offerings have been given to all 6th & 7th grade students.   Students MUST return the course selection sheets with parent’s signature.   Many students have not been able to input their courses for next year.   If the course selection sheets are not returned, counselors will be selecting classes for students.  



    All new students to AMS for this year are invited to the Library on Friday, April 26th for our monthly new student breakfast.   Please encourage your child if they are new this year to come have a free breakfast from our Student Council members.



    We will have our last big event of the year for PTO on Friday, April 26th from 4:15pm – 6:15pm.     Tickets will go on sale starting Wednesday during lunch in the cafeteria for $10.00 per student.   We hope that you all will make plans to come for this fun filled after school party in the cafeteria and gyms.    Everyone who pre-purchases a ticket will get out of class early to go to the dance.   Don’t miss out on this big event as we get closer to the end of school.



    May 2nd we will host the GISD Physicals and Immunization clinic here at AMS from 1pm – 5pm.     All students participating in extra-curricular activities must have a physical on file AND all incoming 7th grade students next year must have their TDAP and MCV immunizations updated.    ATTENTION 6thGRADE PARENTS!    You will need to check your child’s immunization records to ensure your child is updated on their shots.    If they are not, they will not receive a schedule in August for school, and that is not fun for the family!   So, hopefully this reminder will serve you and your family well to ensure 7thgrade schedules are in hand at the time of distribution next August.  


    I hope everyone has a very restful 5 day weekend.    We will be on the downhill slide upon our return next Tuesday.   

    Thank you for allowing us to educate your child, it’s an honor!



    Jimmy Dawson


    Acton Middle School

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  • AMS Pirate Nation 4-5-19

    Posted by JIMMY DAWSON on 4/5/2019 6:00:00 AM

    AMS Pirate Nation,



    Next Tuesday and Wednesday, we will be administering STAAR Testing here at AMS.   It is vitally important that our 7th & 8th grade students have a good night’s rest, a healthy breakfast, and are mentally prepared for their exams.    Please do not plan to check out your child during these days for any appointments or events.   We are required to create a secure testing environment free from distractions.   Special “Thanks” to our AMS PTO for providing student snacks for each day of testing.   Students will receive a bottle of water, one steak jerky stick, and one granola bar.   For this round of testing, our AMS PTO funded about $1500 in snacks for these two days.  

    ** ITEMS we do NOT want students to bring for testing:  snacks, pillows, blankets, pajama’s, etc.   (yes, students have come to testing like they are about to go to bed at night)  Thank you for your help on prohibiting these items. 



    Special “Thank You” to our AMS Librarian, Kristen Callihan, for creating an engaging and innovative Learning Commons for students here at AMS.  Thank you for all you do for all students, staff, and our learning community.  



    We had 85 students perform solos last Saturday for a judge.  Of those students that performed we had 70 First Division Ratings! Wow! So proud of how well all of the students performed and the level of preparation. (Luck favors the prepared – Great Job!)



    Congratulations to our Advanced Bands for scoring “Excellent” and “Superior” ratings at this week’s UIL Contest.   Our AMS Bands represented AMS and GISD with pride.   Great job to all of our band members and directors!  Not only are you all building musicians, you are building life in our kids.   Keep it up!



    Congratulations to our Boys & Girls Athletes for a successful track season.   We had many of our athletes qualify for the overall Quad County District Track Meet.   Great job by our coaches preparing them for the meets.   Now it is time for off-season to work hard on building strength and conditioning as our student athletes prepare for next year.



    This is our last six weeks before dismiss for the summer.   We have a very busy next month in a half.   Here are just a few of the highlights of upcoming events:


    STAAR TESTING                  April 9-10

    Student Holiday’s               April 18-22

    AMS Spring Dance             April 26 4:15pm – 6:15pm

    GISD Spring Physicals        May 2

    Algebra I EOC                      May 6

    NJHS Induction                   May 8 7:30am

    STAAR Testing                     May 13-16

    Last Day of School             May 22    Early Release at 12:45pm


    Thank you for allowing us to educate your child, it’s an honor!


    Jimmy Dawson


    Acton Middle School

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  • AMS Pirate Nation 3-29-19

    Posted by JIMMY DAWSON on 3/29/2019 6:00:00 AM

    AMS Pirate Nation,



    Thank you to all parents who were able to make our 6th & 7th grade parent meeting last night.   If you were not able to make it, I have attached the link to our presentation.   Click the link below to review the presentation for next year’s courses.  

    **NOTE one change for the Mandatory AMS Boys Athletic Meeting will be held on Thursday, April 25th at 5:30pm here at AMS.   

    **Also, for 6th grade boys going into 7th grade Athletics, you can sign up for your specific Remind 101 account by texting @7boysath19 to 81010. 




    May 2nd we will host the GISD Physicals and Immunization clinic here at AMS from 1pm – 5pm.     All students participating in extra-curricular activities must have a physical on file AND all incoming 7th grade students next year must have their TDAP and MCV immunizations updated.    ATTENTION 6th GRADE PARENTS!    You will need to check your child’s immunization records to ensure your child is updated on their shots.    If they are not, they will not receive a schedule in August for school, and that is not fun for the family!   So, hopefully this reminder will serve you and your family well to ensure 7th grade schedules are in hand at the time of distribution next August.  



    Each year, we invite parents to participate in a school wide survey to help us as a staff and a school reflect on areas we can always improve.   If you did not have a chance to complete this survey at the parent meeting last night, please click the link below.    This one page, 24 question survey will take about 2-3 minutes to complete.    We value your opinion as a parent and partner for our school.  




    Next Friday is the end of our 5th six weeks.   We will release school at 12:45pm on Friday, April 5th.   We will have “Pirate Party” for all students who are passing all their classes as of Wednesday, April 3rd.   The end of year is right around the corner, so buckle up for a fast and furious last six weeks.     



    This is important information for all parents to review from our GISD Handbook.   Unfortunately, we may not allow parents to bring lunch for friends, but only for your own child.   I never want to be the “food police”, yet guidelines prevent us from allowing parents to bring food for friends.    Thank you for your help on this situation. 

    Please have the student bring his/her lunch or buy it at school every day. It is disruptive for parents to bring lunches to students after class has started. A parent may eat lunch with their student only. Parents cannot provide outside food to anyone but their own student. The parent must report to the front office to sign-in and receive a temporary ID.


    Thanks for allowing us to educate your child, it’s an honor!



    Jimmy Dawson


    Acton Middle School

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  • AMS Pirate Nation 3-22-19

    Posted by JIMMY DAWSON on 3/22/2019 7:05:00 AM

    AMS Pirate Nation,


    I am honored to announce that our 2018-2019 Teacher Of The Year is Mrs. Michelle Jackson.   Mrs. Jackson teaches English I to our 8th grade students.    We all appreciate her commitment to her students and unselfish acts of kindness to support her team in the 8th grade hallway.    Congratulations to Mrs. Jackson, and “Thank You” for all you do!


    Also, it’s an honor to announce that our 2018-2019 Paraprofessional Of The Year is Mr. Tom Watson.   Mr. Watson has taken on additional roles in helping build a unified culture for our students and staff.    He is always good for a smile and a “hello”, or even a “Merry Christmas” throughout the year.    Congratulations and “Thank You” Mr. Watson for all you do!


    Next Thursday evening on March 28th,  all 6th & 7th grade parents are invited to AMS at 6:00pm to hear details for next year’s course selections.   It is now time for our 6th & 7th grade students to begin their registrations for next school year.    Please make plans to come next Thursday at 6pm to learn more about next year’s course offerings. 


    I would like to say a special “Thank You” to everyone who came to Sonic Spirit Night on Tuesday evening.   We raised $637 for our AMS PTO from tips as over 40 teachers and staff came to out to deliver food.   Sonic set a record for dinner sales that night with well over $2000 in food sold.   They were very excited to set a sonic dinner record, and we thoroughly enjoyed our fun night together with students, staff, and families. 


    Next week, we will have our annual Spring Scholastic Book Fair in the Library.   If your child would like to purchase something from the book fair, all classes will have the opportunity to shop and make their selections.   If you would like to volunteer as a parent to help, you can contact Kristen Callihan via email.   


    Friday, April 5th is the last day of the 5th six weeks.   We will be dismissing school early at 12:45pm.  

    Thursday, April 18th is now a Student Holiday, and a Teacher Staff Development Day.   Students will have a long 5 day weekend from April 18-April 22.  


    Thank you for allowing us to educate your child, it’s an honor!



    Jimmy Dawson


    Acton Middle School

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  • AMS Pirate Nation 3-8-19

    Posted by JIMMY DAWSON on 3/8/2019 6:00:00 AM

    AMS Pirate Nation,



    On Monday, March 18th, we will have our Campus Leadership Team (CLT) meeting with teachers, parents, and community members at 4:20pm in the library.    We will be reviewing our Campus Improvement Plan plus other required information.  Any and all parents are invited to this open meeting to provide input for our school.     If you have specific questions about this meeting, feel free to email or call Ms. Berryman or I.  



    The Tuesday after Spring Break (March 19th), mark your calendar to bring your family to sonic for dinner.   AMS Teachers will be the carhops for the night with tips going directly to AMS PTO.    All AMS PTO funds go directly to our school for a variety of campus and student initiatives.    Come support AMS on half price burger night at the Acton Sonic and donate back to your child’s school.  



    Just a reminder to everyone to move your clocks forward one hour this Saturday night.   It’s “Spring Forward” one hour for Daylight Savings Time. 



    We hope everyone is able to have a safe spring break with some well-deserved rest and family time!


    Thank you for allowing us to educate your child, it’s an honor!


    Jimmy Dawson


    Acton Middle School

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  • AMS Pirate Nation 3-1-19

    Posted by JIMMY DAWSON on 3/1/2019 6:05:00 AM

    AMS Pirate Nation,



    Each morning we have many students who come to school with their Sonic, Starbucks, Racetrac, and/or McDonalds drinks.   Everything is good when students have their drink and/or breakfast brought to school with them.   All students have been informed and reminded that drinks are NOT allowed to classes, only water bottles that seal closed.  (A lid and a straw is not sealed closed)    So, when students bring drinks in from outside, they must go to the cafeteria to finish their food and drinks before going to class.   I hope this helps as you plan your morning time.   I just don’t like to see when Starbucks drinks are half full and thrown away.   So, please be mindful of this school policy and thank you for your help.



    AMS & GISD have partnered with Cooks Children’s and Texas EMS to become a heart safe school.   We have been designated a heart safe school by effectively being certified through drills that require immediate attention to a potential patient going into cardiac arrest.    We have two defibrillator’s on campus, one in the administrators office area and the other in the athletics hallway.   This coming Thursday, March 7th we will have another drill with a “dummy” who is found unconscious somewhere in AMS, and our emergency team will be activated to render aide.     Please let your child know that we will be conducting drills periodically to stay alert and ready for if a student or staff member is ever in need.   



    Any students who make the “A” Honor Roll for this six week will be awarded a FREE Pass to Splash Kingdom.   Students can see the posters around the front office area to learn more about this exciting opportunity.   Please encourage your child to work extra hard this six weeks to earn additional prizes as a recognition for all “A’s” this six weeks.



    Next week will be a normal week with regular dismissal time at 4:15pm on Friday, March 8th.   Spring Break will be March 11-15.   

    Just a reminder that our AMS Book Fair will be held the week we return from Spring Break.  


    Thank you for allowing us to educate your child, it’s an honor.


    Jimmy Dawson


    Acton Middle School

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