• 2016 Granbury ISD District History Fair
    January 28, 2016

    "Exploration, Encounter, and Exchange in History"
    Documentary (with $250 scholarship from Granbury Optimist Club):  Bryce Leonard, “Space: Exploring Mars”
    Exhibits (with $250 scholarship from Granbury Drug & Compounding):  Lillian Myers, “Nelson Mandela: Encounters with Apartheid”
    Performances (with $250 scholarship from Daughters of the American Revolution – Elizabeth Crockett Chapter):  Jaden Ford, Jackson Ludwig, and Austin Lynch, “Evolution of Baseball”
    Research Paper (with $125 scholarship from Sons of the American Revolution – Brazos Valley Chapter):  Peyton Carroll, “Gertrude Caton-Thompson: A Life of Exploration and Discovery”
    Website (with $250 scholarship from Preserve Granbury):  Leah D’Souza and Kyli Purselley, “The American Eugencis Movement”
    Senior Division
    Group Exhibit:  Sarah Belknap, Kayla Krause, and Jacquelyn Novelli, first; Kaylee Brawner, Chloe Steele, and Patience Swaim, second; Landon Butler and Hunter Prewitt, third; Michelle Bailey, Shane Cook, Claire Payne, and Abigail Shupe, fourth
    Group Documentary:  Morgan Arnold, Efrain Martinez, Connor Sager, Daniel Tramel, and Bryan Torres, first
    Individual Documentary:  Bryce Leonard, first
    Individual Research Paper:  Peyton Caroll, first; Gwyneth Thomas, second; Skylar Schreiber, third; Summer Ashmore, fourth
    Junior Division
    Group Documentary:  Jackson Griffith, Alejandro Limon, Peter Schwark, and Carter Worthington, first; Aleksander Makowski and Luke Mankowski, second; Sierra Frank and Grayce Lane, third; Charity Griffin and Elizabeth Hilley, fourth
    Group Exhibit:  Caroline Rezsofi and Faith Schmeets, first; Aubrey Kirby and Gabriella Riggio, second; Hannah Branum, Emma Cheyne, Jadee Drum, and Katy Hall, third; Casen Gentry, Chandler Moore, and Luke Stettler, fourth
    Group Performance:  Jaden Ford, Jackson Ludwig, and Austin Lynch, first; Colton Brown, Avery Hale, Cory Kahn, Madeline Koiner, and Sierra Mendoza, second; Jewel Evan, Jade Kisner, and Kelly Rees, third
    Group Website:  Leah D’Souza and Kyli Purselley, first; Whitney Carrol and Kyla Shelnutt, second; Macie Brandon, Holly Hodges, and Sidney Stephenson, third; Jacob Keays, Daniel Lutgen, and Jonah Martin, fourth
    Individual Exhibit:  Tiffany Wynne, first; Lillian Myers, second; Abigail Allen, third; Caylin Damron and Madison Salzmann, fourth (tie)
    Individual Documentary:  Colten Jumper, first; Alexander Call, second
    Individual Research Paper:  Justin Lloyd, first; Abbie Pruett, second; Abigal Davalos and Nadia Hernandez, third (tie)
    Individual Website:  Keri Kittleson, first; Sarah Wilson, second; Anna Christy, third; Jorden Salzmann, fourth
    History Fair