• U.S. History (Reconstruction-Present)
    This course is a study beginning with a review of the Colonial period of our nation's history through the Civil War.  From there, the intent of the course begins...However, there will be detailed study of the early part of our history due to the fact that there will be a strong emphasis of this period on the Taks test. 
    Once we actually get into the Reconstruction period, our nation goes through complex changes.  Along with the social ramifications of Reconstruction, industrialization takes off which gives rise to immigration issues, organized labor movements, annexation and statehood for many territories, the settling of the West, native American issues, and so much more.  From there, we go into the 20th century and a modern nation will emerge.  The two party political system will become the dominant force in elections.  Our nation will go from an isolationist country to an international power due to World War I and World War II.  The Depression of the 1930's changed our political and social mind-set forever and continues to frame our thinking today.  The Cold War with the Soviet Union brings about intense political intrigue and has brings about great social changes as well.  Then we will go into our modern history with Reaganism-the Obama era. 
    Students will keep a notebook in my class.  It will be graded once every six weeks for an exam grade.  Details of how the notebook is to be organized will be discussed in detail often in class.  Each student needs a notebook...no exceptions.  A folder with pockets, a three-ring binder, just about anything that can be turned into a notebook will be accepted.  But each student must have one!!!  Other than that, the class is pretty typical...daily grades on classwork and quizzes and exam grades.  Participation in cooperative assignments will also be graded.  A project will be announced well in advance and will count as at least two exam grades.  Grade weights will be as follows:  daily grades (quizzes, daily assignments, etc.) count 30%, exam grades count 60% and the once per six weeks common assessment benchmark test counts as 10% of the six weeks grade.
    Students must bring their book, something to write with, and something to write on, each day.  Failure to bring these basic things will result in a phone call to parents from me.  Parents, please feel free to email me at david.breazeale@granburyisd.org with any questions or concerns about your son or daughter.  You can also call and leave a message at 817-408-4657.
Last Modified on August 19, 2010