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    Cell phones will only be used or seen when the teacher allows it. Cell phones may be used for research or class objectives. If a cell phone is seen out of the time allowed, the student will get one warning. If it is seen again, it will go to “phone jail.” This will be a box at the front of the room. At the end of the class, the student may get it back. Each time the phone is taken up, the student will have to sign the book and the teacher will contact the parent. After the third time, the phone will go straight to the front office and the student will have to get it back from a vice principal. This is nonnegotiable.


    Classroom Discipline 

    First offense = Warning

    Second offense = lunch detention and call home

    Third offense = Office visit


     Make-up Procedure and Expectations 

    When a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to obtain make-up work the first day back to class. It is difficult to converse individually during class, so please refer to the course website first to see what assignments you have missed. Then, go to the student work table and obtain missing handouts. Students may also visit the teacher before the last bell at the beginning of class or two minutes before the end of class to discuss missed assignments and/or to schedule a a time to make up a test, quiz, or daily work. Make-ups will only be given during class if the situation permits; otherwise, plan to visit before or after school.


    Students will have equal class time missed to make up any missed tests, quizzes or assignments. Failure to do so will result in a zero for the missing grade. Any late assignments shall be penalized a letter grade per day late, which is an average of five points per day late. After four days late, the highest possible grade is half credit. Special arrangements can be made for extended absences. Students who are in attendance and do not complete class assignments cannot make them up at a later date and will receive a zero for the missing assignment(s). Do not procrastinate with make-up work.


    Tests and Quizzes Policy 

    Quizzes may be given at any time; however, tests will be announced at least two days in advance. If a student is absent the day before a test, he/she will still be expected to take the test on the announced day. All tests may be corrected if a student scores below a 70.


     Daily Classroom Procedures 

    Students must bring the following to class each day: loose-leaf paper, pen, pencil, and a positive attitude. Please organize and keep all work together. Students may leave notes and graded work in their classroom bends. Class sets of books will be provided when needed.


    Bathroom Procedures

    All bathroom breaks must be done before and after class. Students may not for any reason leave the class the first or last ten minutes of class. This is a school rule! Students will get three bathroom passes a six weeks. After those are used, they may not leave unless it’s a dire emergency!



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