• 2017 Granbury ISD District Science Fair
    Elementary Winners
    Best of Show
    Individual Projects (Kindergarten-2nd Grade):  Brice Mashaw
    Individual Projects (3rd-5th Grades):  Nate Gast
    Individual Projects
    • Kindergarten:  Cale McNamara, first; Maci Tretter, second; Jaxon Mojica, third; Joel Turner, fourth
    • 1st Grade:  Henry Ballew, first; Blaise Morgan, second; Elliot Workman, third; Karaline Cronan, fourth
    • 2nd Grade:  Brice Mashaw, first; Kelsey Ehardt, second; Chance Davis, third; Jace Coffman, fourth
    • 3rd Grade:  Nate Gast, first; Carson Anderson, second; Remi Chastain, third; Raegan Boling, fourth
    • 4th Grade:  Kaira Krause, first; Avery Young, second; Addison Corley, third; Dareysi Leal, fourth
    • 5th Grade:  Camryn Goodale, first; Konner Babiash, second; Owen Aramburu, third; Kelly Sanders, fourth
    Group Projects
    • Kindergarten-2nd Grade:  Hunter Rodgers and Ashton Turney, first; Cooper Lamb and Kash Rogers, second; Emery Brantley, Avery Crump, and Brooke Crump, third; Levi Logsdon and Carson Morgan, fourth
    • 3rd-5th Grades:  Anthony Mitchell and Landon Portwood, first; Addie Shipp and Cooper Shipp, second; Kamauri Bynaum and Michael Moreno, third; Noah Brown and Aidan Turney, fourth


    Photos courtesy of Lynette Babiash