• 2017 Granbury ISD District Science and Engineering Fair
    Secondary Winners



    Luminant - Best of Show:  Madelyn Lanning and Taylor Lawrence, “How Do Essential Oils Affect the Brain?”
    Luminant - Judges’ Favorite Project:  Adam Stone, “Easing the Struggles of Diabetes: An Artificial Pancreas Doing What the Body Can’t”
    Luminant - Most Innovative Project:  Avery Thomas, “Does Smell Ring a Bell?”
    Camp Fire – Most Impactful Project:  Liesl Krone, “Analyzing Spent Grains as Substantial Source of Feed”
    Hood County News – Most Informative Project:  Kristen Babiash and Alexis Hansen, “Spead the Sopa, Not the Germs: Can the Soap Beat the Germs?”
    Lake Granbury Kiwanis Club – Project with the Most Potential:  Miles Hopson, “Orange Juice Climate Control”
    Gold Level:  Averie Coffman, chemistry; Katie Lou Funk and Madison Roman, chemistry; Liesl Krone, chemistry; Madelyn Lanning and Taylor Lawrence, behavioral and social science; Scout Skaggs and Marissa Ward, biology; Adam Stone, engineering
    Silver Level:  Sydney Dennis, chemistry; Logan Hall, chemistry; Michael Perriello, physics and astronomy; Jonathan Rositas, mathematical science; Avery Thomas, behavioral and social science
    Bronze Level:  Avin Alexander, biology; Kristen Babiash and Alexis Hansen, medicine and health; Andy Halili, environmental science; Drew Henderson and Jackson LeCluyse, medicine and health; Miles Hopson, chemistry; Jonathan Jenkins, chemistry; Abby Manning, behavioral and social science; Brooklyn Matzen, animal science; Hunter Meroney, plant science; Lydia Stickland, medicine and health; Caileigh Underwood, environmental science
    Honorable Mention:  Alison Cooper, behavioral and social science; Benjamin Davis, physics and astronomy; Wesleigh Hyatt, medicine and health; James Linzy, physics and astronomy; Samuel Reinhardt, animal science; Cooper Sanderson, chemistry