• 2017 Granbury ISD District History Fair
    February 2, 2017

    "Taking a Stand in History"
    • Judges’ Favorite for Design (with $250 scholarship from Bridge Street History Center):  Cade Barnes – junior individual exhibit board: “The Montgomery Bus Boycott”
    • Judges’ Favorite for Presentation (with $250 scholarship from Granbury Optimist Club):  Brynn Deger, Allison Krebbs, Haley Malloy, and Bailey Vernon – senior group documentary: “Muckrakers: Taking a Stand in History”
    • Judges’ Favorite for Knowledge (with $250 scholarship from Granbury Drug & Compounding):  Kinsey Brawner – senior individual website: “Love Canal: The Fight to Escape 20,000 Tons of Toxic Waste”
    • Judges’ Favorite Revolutionary War-themed Project in Senior Division (with $250 scholarship from Daughters of the American Revolution – Elizabeth Crockett Chapter):  Haley McLane – senior individual exhibit board:  “Deborah Sampson: Standing Up to Fight in the American Revolution”
    • Judges’ Favorite Revolutionary War-themed Project in Junior Division (with $125 scholarship from Sons of the American Revolution – Brazos Valley Chapter):  Amelia Orcutt – junior individual website: “John Laurens”
    Senior Division
    Group Exhibit Board:  Dyllan Boykin, Jaci Largent, and Gwyneth Thomas, first
    Group Documentary:  Brynn Deger, Allison Krebbs, Haley Malloy, and Bailey Vernon, first; Jackson Griffith, Bailey Schwarck, Peter Schwarck, Carter Worthington, and Chance Worthington, second
    Group Website:  Lauren Boleng, Melanie Boleng, and Erik Tovar, first; Ashley Boyd and Madolynn Tatum, second
    Individual Exhibit Board:  Haley McLane, first; Talor Swindle, second; Tara Wynne, third
    Individual Research Paper:  Lauren Eudaley, first
    Individual Website:  Kinsey Brawner, first; William Kittleson, second
    Junior Division
    Group Documentary:  Aria Brock and Caitlyn Nagel, first
    Group Exhibit Board:  Emma Cheyne and Jadee Drum, first; Mayra Coronilla and Katy Hall, second; Paige Joffrion, Elizabeth Pengelly, and Steven Staats, third
    Group Performance:  Jewel Evan, Chloe Hampton, and Madison Salzmann, first
    Group Website:  Madison Bills and Carolina Garcia, first; Ashton Lemens and Preston Lutgen, second; KayZee Martin and Ava Williamson, third
    Individual Exhibit Board:  Cade Barnes, first; Abigail Allen, second; Aubrey Kirby, third
    Individual Research Paper:  Hannah Branum, first; Garima Shrestha, second; Sierra Frank, third
    Individual Website:  Amelia Orcutt, first; Jillian Tremble, second; Abiah Wark, third
    National History Day