• Area Spelling Bee - February 7, 2017
    Area Spelling Bee

    Spencer Burnfield, a sixth grader at Acton Middle School, won the Area Spelling Bee held February 7, 2016.
    The area contest pitted campus-level winners from seven Granbury campuses.  Burnfield and Averie Coffman, a sixth grader at Granbury Middle School, battled for 23 rounds before he emerged the victor on the road ”loiter.”
    Burnfield is a four-time campus winner at Acton Elementary School and AMS, and he was the area champion last year.  Meanwhile, Coffman has won at the campus level three times, including twice while at Brawner Intermediate School.  She was the area runner-up in 2015.
    Other competitors were:  Owen Aramburu, fifth grader at Oak Woods School; Erin Chenault, third grader at Baccus Elementary School; Lucas Hyde, fifth grader at Acton Elementary School; Preston Kirkland, third grader at Brawner Intermediate School; Peter O’Carroll, fourth grader at Mambrino School.
    As the Hood County area champion, Burnfield will advance to the Star-Telegram Regional Spelling Bee scheduled for March 2 at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth.  That contest will feature more than thirty contestants who won at the area level.  The regional winner will have an opportunity to compete in the national competition to be held in Washington, D.C. in May.
    The campus and district spelling bees were open to all students under the age of sixteen who had not passed beyond the eighth grade.
    Pictured above are (left to right) Preston Kirkland, Averie Coffman, Lucas Hyde, Spencer Burnfield, Owen Aramburu, Erin Chenault, Peter O’Carroll.