• Nationals - Circuit of the Americas | June 8-10, 2017


    Regionals - Circuit of the Americas | January 21, 2017


    Winning first place was Precision Racing with members Caden Baker, Stockton Berryman, Joslyn Cavitt, and Chris McKelvain.  The squad broke the one-second barrier twice with times of .993 and .998 – something only done by four teams in the world since the competition began eleven years ago.  Precision also earned awards for best engineered car, fastest car, innovative thinking, research and development, as well as sponsorship and marketing. 
    In second place was Atlas Racing with students Kyle Beck, Ashley Boyd, Maxwell Call, Kasey Ludwig, Jack Miller, and Jackson Winters.  Titan Racing won third with members Tucker Cole, Michael Horne, Cameron Loveless, Nautica Owens, and Caleb Wood. 
    “I am extremely proud of our three team and all the new members we have in the F1 program,” commented coach Todd Gibson.  “Our Precision Racing team has something that only three other teams in the world have ever done by breaking the one-second barrier.” “The students are already preparing for the national finals by tweaking original designs and taking judges’ suggestions for their competition components,” Gibson commented.  “I expect great things at the national event when we travel back to Austin.”