• Granbury Education Foundation
    6th Annual
    Academic Recognition Banquet
    May 4, 2017

    GEF Academic Recognition Banquet

    The Granbury ISD Education Foundation honored the top 25 students in the Granbury High School Class of 2017 during the sixth annual Academic Recognition Banquet on May 4, 2017, at DeCordova Bend Country Club. The banquet also included the students honoring the Granbury ISD employees who most influenced their education. 

    The GISD employees were not just from the high school, as the group currently works also at Acton Middle School, Baccus Elementary School, Granbury Middle School, and Mambrino School. Five honorees were also retired staff. 

    In a fitting end to the nationally-observed Teacher Appreciation Week, the teachers and other employees were honored with the reading of a statement written by each student about the impact that they have made not only on their education but also their life. 

    GEF Academic Recognition Banquet

    Students and district employees honored were:


    GISD Employee

    Fernando Aguado

    Todd Gibson, GHS engineering teacher

    Grace Arnold

    Diane Harris, GHS English teacher

    Blake Beatty

    Jacqueline Bradshaw, GHS English teacher

    Brynn Bednarz

    John Morgan, AMS band director

    Dyllan Boykin

    Tammy Roe, GHS math teacher

    Kaylee Brawner

    John and Lyn Brawner, retired GISD elementary teacher and assistant superintendent

    Cadence Chiappe

    Katie Jordan, Mambrino kindergarten teacher

    Lauren Chism

    Sonny Galindo, GHS social studies teacher/football coach

    Gavin Clarkson

    Andrew Boomer, GHS social studies teacher

    Brynn Deger

    Joy Hope, retired GHS choir director

    Tiffany Hennery

    Claudia Hurst, GHS counselor

    Kate Jennings

    Cindy Leatherman, GHS social studies teacher

    Kasey Ludwig

    Karin Harrington, GHS counselor

    Haley Malloy

    Ashley Seibel, GHS math teacher/softball coach

    Emma McKelvain

    Mark Eastin, GHS band director

    Morgan Molder

    Gloria Click, GHS Spanish teacher

    Miranda Murillo

    Allison Allen, GHS culinary/hospitality teacher

    Beau Pritchard

    David Winkleman, GHS social studies teacher/soccer coach

    Reece Rhodes

    Heather Cook, GHS English teacher

    Glenn Rodgers

    Henry Pearson, retired AMS math teacher

    Molly Shade

    Tammy Clark, GHS assistant principal/volleyball coach

    Blake Steinmann

    Tyson Stewart, GHS tennis coach/GMS teacher

    Gwyneth Thomas

    Danny Guidry, GHS business teacher/baseball coach

    Adolfo Tovar

    Suzan Watson, Baccus first grade teacher (formerly second grade teacher)

    Bailey Vernon

    William Bird, retired Crossland world geography teacher

    Will Warner

    Jose Ochoa, GHS math teacher

    Underwriting this year’s banquet was Lakeside Physicians. 

    The GEF’s mission is creating opportunities to invest, encourage, and support educational excellence in GISD. The foundation is designed to be a community effort bringing donations from businesses, civic groups, and individuals to fund innovative teaching grants, student scholarships, and academic achievement for GISD students. GEF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization created for the benefit of the school district’s students and staff members and will provide funding not allocated by tax dollars.