GAP & GTEI Forms and Resources

New Teachers

  • Creating your GAP Portfolio: You will need to set up your GAP portfolio. The GAP portfolio is a piece of the Granbury Appraisal System for teachers. In your previous district you may have used TTESS. All GISD teachers will create a google sites portfolio and share it with myself and Stacy Roeming and we will send your principal the public link to view! You can Click Here to follow along and watch the 11 minute video on how to build your GAP profile. Or if you would prefer, Stacy and I will be checking in at all campuses this month to complete a "road show on GAP" and assist teachers in setting up their portfolio.

Returning Teachers

  • Updating your GAP Portfolio: you can watch this video (taken during the spring of 2020 during virtual learning) on how to update your GAP portfolio. As a reminder, your GAP portfolio is a living document that you will update each school year!

    Updating/Creating your GTEI portfolio: GTEI is the Granbury Teacher Excellence Initiative and is a system for providing monetary compensation for teachers that go above and beyond the expectations of a GISD teacher. All teachers are eligible for GTEI after completing their first year of employment in Granbury ISD. However you are only able to earn up to $5,000 for GTEI raises. If you have already met your $5,000 ceiling, you are unable to apply for GTEI again. The link for creating your GTEI portfolio is HERE. If you have applied for GTEI in the past, you CAN use a previous year's portfolio but have to replace the evidences from previous years with evidence from 2021-2022. It is probably easier to start fresh and make a new portfolio.