After School Detention

    1. After school detention is Tuesdays and Thursdays.
    2. Students will meet in the Lecture Hall immediately after school.
    3. If they skip, they will have to make up that day and an additional day will be added for skipping.
    4. When in After School Detention, they will stay in the Lecture Hall the entire time.
    5. At 5:45, students will be taken to the back of the building where they can be picked up.  Students cannot be picked up at the front.  Parents should park between the school and the tennis courts.
    6. Students can ride the activity bus, which arrives around 6:00 pm. (Sometimes ten minutes early, sometimes ten minutes late).
    7. If a student’s ride is not there by the time the activity bus gets there, they will be required to get on the activity bus.