• Introduction:


    1-Blake Catron (Eppler)

    2- Ashlyn Dugue (Eppler)


    1- Jase Parker (Gill)

    2- Jaysen Padilla (Gill)


    1- Did you hear! There’s going to be a dance in town!

    2-Really?!! A Dance!!

    1- Yes! At the school! A bunch of students are working on the decorations for it, do you think you can come?

    2- Oh boy! A dance! So what kind of music will they have? Like disco fever?? Classical ballroom?? The DAB!!! (do the dab)

    1- I’m not so sure about whatever the dab is… but I heard Rock and Roll music!

    2- Whoa! Well you’ve got me sold! I can’t wait!!!


    After Rock and Roll Music:


    1-Gabriel (Griffin)

    2- Decklyn (Ore)


    1- Megan McMullin (Luedeker)

    2- Diego (Helyer)


    1- gosh, I just want to be left alone!

    2- What’s the matter with you?

    1-I don’t think I can go to the dance anymore. My mom and dad are pretty mad at me.

    2- Why? What have you done?

    1- They say I’m in need of an attitude adjustment.

    2- An attitude adjustment?

    1- Yes, an ATTITUDE adjustment. I guess I sassed back when they asked me about my report card.

    2- WHOA! Yea, NOOO! Never! But parents, man they just don’t understand!

    1-(looking glum) Yea...wait...WHAT?

    2- Every time we get in trouble, parents just tell us what WE did wrong.

    1- Ummm….yea, totally… (look puzzled)

    2- all WE hear is yackety yackety yackety yak...


    After Yackety Yak:


    1-Chance (Ore)/ 2- Abigail (Ore)

    3-  Filemon (Ore)/ 4- Riley Smith (Ore)


    1- Jocelyn B. (Luedeker)/ 2- Charlie (Ore)

    2- Decklyn (Ore)/ Jaylee (Helyer)


    1-Alright, all of you...you are all in detention… Think REALLY hard about your choices! Your sad behavior might mean you may loose out on the dance! I’ll be back in a few minutes. I expect quiet  voices and LOTS of thinking about how you can make some better choices. (*walk away)

    2-(look for speaker 1 to leave)- MAN! I really want to go to that dance! I shouldn’t have called Susie that name at recess.

    3- That’s what you’re in here for? I put a tack on teachers chair.

    4- You did that!

    3- Yeah, I thought she might pop!

    2- Well, what are we going to do now?!

    4- I have an idea

    3-What! Anything is better than this...but probably not as fun as going to the dance

    4- Let’s have a dance here

    2- A dance! HERE! Where, how, who??

    3- yeah….I’m curious where you are goin with this…

    4- Well since we are stuck in jail...why can’t we have a bit of fun! Just imagine it… Principle Herrerra coming over the loud speaker playing ‘rock and roll”

    2- Ha, I can see it now, and Ms. Bledsoe hitting the lights...


    After Jailhouse Rock:


    1-Kayleigh (Lued.)

    2- Alyson (Lued.)

    3-  Jacqueline H. (Gill)


    1- Jocelyn M. (Griffin)

    2- Audrey M. (Griffin)/

    3- Gia Jones (Briggs)


    1- I am so ready to go to the dance, are you?

    2- I’ve got my best dress, makeup done, and hair poofed. I am set!!

    3- Goodness, you girls look great.

    1- Do you think any of the boys are going to ask us to dance?

    2- I hope so. I’ve been working on my dance moves.

    3- Me too...something like one, two, three, one, two, three (do a goofy dance step)

    2- Ha! That's awesome, I’ve been working on my dance steps to. (do a dance)

    1- The only thing I can just about do is the HOP!


    After At the Hop:


    1- Leslie G. (Gill)

    2- Lorah (Gill)


    1- Arely (Helyer)

    2- Alexis S. (Helyer)


    1- The gym looks beautiful!

    2- They really did a great job decorating for the dance.

    1- It looks so good and the music is Amazing!

    2- Totally agree. Did you hear that Paul brought Jennifer to the dance?

    1- What! No way!! She’s so lucky, he’s such a good dancer...look there they are now! (point off the stage at an imaginary couple)

    2- Oh  my, I wish I had a partner for this dance.

    1- Well  it looks like John might be needing a partner.

    2- Oh gosh, no way. I’m too smitten to ask.

    1- Well, I sure bet he would dance with you if you asked.

    2- Oh, hey...oh man, this song is over anyways. Maybe next time.

    1- Well, I know I requested my favorite song and it should be coming up next.

    2- The one about the Hound Dog?

    1- Ha! No- wrong animal...try the Robin!

    2- Oh yeah!

    1- Well, hey! Come dance with me!!!


    After Rockin Robin:


    1- Kenna (Briggs)

    2- Lila (Briggs)


    1- Holli (Robinson)

    2- Braelyn (Robinson)


    1-This dance is outta this world!

    2-I am so glad we decided to come!

    1- The music is perfect and golly, my feet can’t stop movin’!

    2- Wonder when this is supposed to end?

    1- NEVER!!!

    2- (laugh) well, let’s get into it while we can, it’s only 7 o’clock, think we can rock all night long??

    1- I bet you I can!


    After Rock Around the Clock:


    1- Jessie (Robinson)

    2- Dakota Pool (Robinson)


    1- Nicky (Eppler)

    2- Izabella Cruz (Eppler)


    1-Well we are gonna rock our socks off all night!

    2-I’m sure some of you would like to stay...but apparently some of us have school tomorrow so we’ve got to close down early

    1- Thank you all for joining us tonight!

    2- we can’t wait to rock and roll right through the rest of this year!

    1- It’s gonna be GREAT!

    2- Thank you all and have a good night!