2018 Granbury ISD District History Fair Winners

    Judges' Favorite Scholarships
    • Granbury Optimist Club $250 Scholarship: William Kittleson – senior individual website, “The U.S. Freedom Riders of 1961 and the Struggle for Racial Justice”
    • Preserve Granbury $250 Scholarship: Blaize Cross – senior individual documentary, “The Salem Witch Trials”
    • Bridge Street History Center $250 Scholarship: Hannah Barber, Juliana Rodriguez, and Andrea Valentine – senior group exhibit, “The Pullman Strike: The Labor Force Takes a Stand”
    • Daughters of the American Revolution – Elizabeth Crockett Chapter $125 Scholarship: Dylan Segars – junior individual exhibit, “The U-Boats: How They Tried to Starve Britain into Submission”
    • Sons of the American Revolution – Brazos Valley Chapter $125 Scholarship: Lucas Hyde – junior historical paper, “Alexander Hamilton vs. Aaron Burr”
    Category Awards

    Senior Division

    • Group Exhibit: Hannah Barber, Juliana Rodriguez, and Andrea Valentine, first
    • Group Documentary: Tatum Gray, Sierra Mark, and Yari Press, first
    • Group Website: Kendall Carroll and Rayni Skaggs, first
    • Individual Documentary: Blaize Cross, first
    • Individual Exhibit: Hunter Seybert, first
    • Individual Performance: Jade Kisner, first
    • Individual Website: William Kittleson, first

    Junior Division

    • Group Exhibit: Lexi Arlington, Aislyn Hagar, and Madison Purvis, first
    • Group Website: Jacob Keays, Brendan Kesinger, Aleksander Mankowski, Luke Mankowski, and Jonah Martin, first
    • Historical Paper: Lucas Hyde, first; Parker Temple, second; Analise Scroggins, third
    • Individual Exhibit:  Dylan Segars, first; Ryan Brackney, second; Riley Morris, third
    • Individual Documentary: Jack Barefoot, first